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Not mine, but I agree with everything he says. Hopefully the final product will be much better than the beta

Seen this when it was first posted and I’ve referenced it before.

It does belong in the feedback thread but then I guess that’s for the mods to decide if they want to merge/move.

I just have to say that I agree with the video and points raised as well as my own thoughts on the movement, gameplay and how it plays.

Arcade is a very good word to sum up 5 as a whole.

Arcade is a game mode a game mode for casual in and out games. this guy in the video is just negative


The problem is that the thing that holds most low ranked players back from moving up is their reluctance to use rifles. So from that aspect I understand TC trying to get Casuals more used to and familiar with rifle play. Gnasher play is by far more fun to me than rifle play, but everyone knows the higher ranked players are good with rifles and with the Gnasher.

He makes valid points,

When casuals move to ranked, it’s a completely different ball game and experience.

It definitely makes sense.

If you look at Gears 4 basically any rank below Onyx 3 is Gnasher dominant.

Because it’s fun…

TC forcing you to play rifles in this way,

You will learn rifle play if you make it past Onyx 2 and into high Onyx 3 for Diamond.

I also know some Diamonds who exclusively or near enough, only use Gnasher.

I whole heartedly agree that the Gnasher is the reason I play Gears of War. But at the same time to make Gears of War more competitive you cant have 90% of your gaming population being one dimensional.

That being said there is still no way in Gears of War that you will be successful just using a rifle. And there is a mode (assuming it carries over) that promotes and helps you learn Gnasher play (2v2). But there isnt really a mode that forces you to use a rifle until now (arcade).

You can play for fun without being competitive.

You’ve already stated that high end lobbies need rifles.

So you do learn and adapt.

It’s not being one dimensional, it’s people enjoying the game.

Fun comes first, competition is what you need after to test yourself.

Of course you can always play and just have fun. A lot of times i play and i just use the Gnasher. And sometimes i choose to be more competitive and i play situationally, depending on my mood. I always have more fun with the Gnasher play. But at the same time TC knows and the gaming community knows that the most money is made in competitive gaming. Getting people to watch and play your game competitively is where the money is. And at its heart Gears is a competitive shooter. I mean i cant say ill ever be a competitive gamer (as in Esports 99% unlikely), but would i like to see Gears shine in that light, sure. Do i think the pieces are there yet, no. Do i think Arcade helps players transition easier to a more rifle oriented gameplay, yes. And i agree Gears 4 can be played by the Ultra elite with only a Gnasher at a high, high level, but this is pretty rare and its easier to do it being versatile with a bunch of weapons, IMO.

From what I’ve seen, I don’t think Gears suits competitive esports.

It’s just not fun to watch and the super sweaty matches are not fun to play.

Escalation has always been a boring life and 2.0 is even more so.

eSports is where Devs want to be and so be it.

Gears 5 looks to be more of the same but changed for worse and for some, changed for the better.

Yeah i dont think they have made it there. Unless they have some other mode up their sleeve. Escalation is just plain boring especially with the added changes.

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Recent eleague event was the first i really enjoy to watch, so i disagree about it’s not fan to watch.
G4 was not fan to watch for sure, but with G5 it’s different.

I know you noticed we have a Gnasher oriented mode (2v2s), why not bring back Brothers To the End? Have it be 2v2 (like it was) and feature rifle play. Sort of the same idea surely no?

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I think there should be both!

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I thought that was gonna end with “which is why arcade shouldn’t be in the game”

I’ve seen diamonds in 4 that used the Hammerburst/Enforcer combo that completely locked down the entire map. One guy, he used the hammerburst so well you would think he had an aimbot. If he saw you, you were down in 2 seconds, no matter the distance.

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