Just wanted to say thanks for the POS

This game is an absolute embarrassment. Just another Gears that needs 6 title updates. I run with 4 other people on PC, and all 5 of us cant stay stable. Just crash every game and then again at the loading screen. This is worse then GOWJ. Not to mention, whoever shoots second wins the gnasher battle.

Your ranked game modes are absolutely the worse think you could have thought of. The power weapons lack creativity. The lancer is the weapon choice because of how overpowered they are, Just a raw ■■■■ tier game.



honestly if the game would just not crash ever 20min i would never of thought to cry about how bad this game is. im sure your a console player stuck in circa 2010

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Mods should put a 24 hour mute on people who post non-constructive posts such as this but unfortunately, all they can do is close topics

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There has just been a spamming of rants.

They should pin a master thread for this like with the Tech Test.

Maybe if it was actually constructive. Or pin one of these and close it and then just delete the rest.

It is constructive it crashes every 20min, and then again at the loading screen, I wouldn’t make the post if it wasn’t a wide problem for a ton of people.

I understand you are frustrated but please adhere to the forum rules. Thank you.