Just uninstalled GOW5

First post was made in a rage I admit and needed to be toned down.

Simply put enough is enough. I wont be back on gears 5. First time I’ve ever uninstalled a gears game because of gameplay issues to this extent.

Going back on a long hiatus to Gears 4.


I uninstalled Gears 5 tonight myself. The obvious revert of the Gnasher from the patch we got last week was enough to do me in. 2v2 has become unplayable again and lag with a nuke Gnasher creates issues in KotH too. With the newer Gnasher I was able to win with movement but now I’m just being blasted through walls in my end from a distance.

No, they never released notes regarding it. But many of my friends have all noticed the change as of yesterday. @Drinkands_im and I have also taken note on how much more damage and distance you can kill with now when compared to Monday which was the last day before they secretly or “accidentally” reverted.

I went a step further and uninstalled Gears 4 too. Sadly, even though it was better than Gears 5, I can’t be bothered to deal with the way that game handles high fluctuation players. I tried to play it about a month ago and it wasn’t a great experience.


I reinstalled Titanfall2 a week or so ago to get my FPS fix.
I havent logged in to gears, beyond getting into the menu just for the valentine’s day freebies, since I hit general a few weeks ago. No boost ever,just dailies and almost 3 full sections of medals. Basic,weapons and 5 out 6 on horde.


The patch initially felt okay. But there is such obvious tinkering that’s it’s just annoying. I’m so sick of having perfect shots (of which are recorded and reviewed) and being screwed over because the game is simply broken.

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I will say in all my time playing both Titanfall titles I only saw a handful of lag issues. One of those was when my old ISP was causing 75% packet loss with a 0.08mbps upload (down from 25Mbps). Remember, the original Titanfall used Microsoft Azure also and it ran beautifully.


The patch from yesterday has felt awful for my friends and I since it became available for download. Much of it seems to be the revert of the Gnasher which they haven’t owned up to as of yet but it’s obvious it’s not the same as it was for the past week.


I’m sick of patch after patch. I just wanted to be free from it. Sure you felt the same. Been in this fight on verses since Gears 2. This “vision” they had clearly isn’t working.

Not willing to deal with patch after patch for the next three years either.


My only issue with tf2 has been incorrect scoring. Kill 2 enemies, end up with say 5 or 7 points… there’s no half way for damaging someone during an assist, just impossible to reach scores with any enemies killed. Beyond that, lack of maps in 2, tf1 was almost overloaded with maps.


Ranking system
Buying and unlocking skins
Bullet adhesion
Aim assist
Inverse omen

These are all things that stirred their own controversy within the game. And that’s just off the top of my head. I think I’ll wait another year when this game was probably supposed to be released.

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This game isn’t funny anymore!
Esports are a joke!.
Could operation 3 save the game? I don’t think so


Doubt it. It’s just DLC stuff.

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The only thing that will save it for me is reverting the Gnasher back to what the update was supposed to put it at a week ago. Also, address the lag issues. I’m tired of having a 15ms ping feel like I’m playing on 200ms.


Honestly I’m so disappointed how far TC fell on this one I be surprised if the studio itself can even come back and earn trust back in the community.

Not only did the game have issues but there was so many unethical choices made to patronize the community.


Gears 4 was supposed to gain our trust and Gears 5 was supposed to be the next step. Gears 4 had great game play with fun movement but it’s netcode was abysmal. The one thing they needed to do moving forward into Gears 5 is to ensure lag was more controlled and that the experience wasn’t so inconsistent. They’ve actually done the opposite of that by making it worse than Gears 4 has ever been.

Maybe they need to place an indefinite suspension on development of Gears 6 and create a new engine to get away from this mutated Unreal Engine. 343i released Halo 5 well before Gears 4 and we won’t see their next installment until the end of the year because they created a new engine, named Slipstream, so that Halo could reach the next level. This may be the route The Coalition needs to go because it would appear much of the issues were experiencing is due to Unreal Engine. After all, even Epic Games never got it right.


Your probably right about making a new engine. But I recall catching a few streams or videos about their “Vision” for Gears 5. Everything they tried to do everyone rebeled.

Here is my honest opinion of how we got here. Gears has never had a huge following. Not like Halo or COD so it’s not bringing in the same money. But yet at the same time within the Gears 4 & 5 window Microsoft has put a big effort into PC gaming (this can fill that gap and bring in more revenue) but now we had a divide in playstyles that each have their different wants and demands.

This “Vision” TC wanted was nothing but a false front with an attempt to make an entire new mechanic that can satisfy all platforms and playstyles. And bridging them all to be in harmony in one match.

Probably had the blind look in their eye while looking up thinking this is gonna be it lol.

Anyways yep that’s my theory. They tried to satisfy too many angles under one roof. And we got a mess of a game. I could be wrong but who knows.


By strange coincidence I was playing TF1 this morning. I had tried to get KOTH on 4 AND 5, could not find a game. Time was around 4am (uk) but still I thought I would get a game,anyway…

Decided to load TFall. It is still an amazing game with sublime movement and gunplay. Also I had over 20 maps to play (looking at you G5)

I am a total Gearhead, but I have to say the two matches of Attrition I had, full lobbies (I was on usa server though, so did have some issues) gave me more enjoyment than a week of playing Gears 5.


I actually have Titan fall 2 also. Although I never played the second online very much.

Just a reminder to everyone that I uninstalled Gears 4 a couple of months back. I made a post of it then also, but since it’s apparently super important that everyone on the forum is updated on everyone’s console storage transactions I thought it best to post a reminder of this.


It shows the dev team which games that their broken pile of sht us being left for and WHY. Maps…maps…MAPS. oh,and maybe the nearly bug free gameplay. Who woulda thought such a thing would be appreciated huh…

TF2 campaign was excellent. I was not as keen on the mp, had some nice additions but for me TF1 is vastly superior.

Maybe we need a TF/Gears hybrid :wink:

“Gears of Titanfall”

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