Just uninstalled Gears 5

I’m done with Gears franchise, and I bought Xbox 360 previous just because of Gears. But TC screwed everything.

It is impossible to find a match on Gears 4 and 5.

So I decided never again play this piece of crap.

I’ll sell may Xbox one x and leave Microsoft platform.

Thanks for the update, OP! :+1:


I’ve updated my records with this information. Cheers buddy!


I’m impressed with the detailed feedback.

Don’t do that man… you’ll need it to play DOOM ETERNAL !! =)


I’m tired with this kind behavior. Why TC doesn’t show us the current population by game type “like Gears 3”?
I play Gears because I have “motion sickness” and I can’t play first person games.
TC screwed Gears franchise.

hi @harlennaves

I think it would be quite interesting to see how many current players are online on all gears of war games. . that statistic its certainly interesting.

I really like gears of war 4,… however I have to agree that with 5 they really dropped the ball big time man.