Just trying Baird in Horde and: no personal perks & ammo box = THREE embar rounds? REALLY, TC?!?!

I mean, WTF?

It takes FIVE LARGE AMMO BOXES re refill the embar? Are you for real, TC? Go to hell with these ideas…

Ohh, BTW, I don’t see any personal perks for Baird, no option to buy any, I get a little mini map where the perks show up for other characters. Is that intended?

Omg, just did 20 waves solo, for fun…

My inspires sniping L1 “by 0.7s per shot” went up to (drum roll, please) L2 0.9s per shot! Whoo hoo! So by level 5 we might be up to 1.37s cooldown reduction per shot… that’s awesome …

I would be very curious about the hierarchy of leveling up bloody support, revision repairs, and experimental weapons…

If they follow that pattern of tiny changes, I’m gonna throw up… you know, precision repairs:

L1 : 700hp
L2: 725hp

@hu1kdaddy, do you know?

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I know the Ammo Boxes don’t give much EMBAR ammo but how about putting EMBAR on Level 5 Global Overclock Locker? It’s +50% Recharge.

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Yeah, but I am just starting to level up, it will be a while before I have that card AND leveled up…

The ammo boxes are ridiculous in horde. If memory serves me correctly, it took 2 ammo boxes to completely refill a sniper with 52 bullets in gears 4. Or at least be 3/4 full.

Now we get 3 bullets out of it. With a max sniper capacity of about 21 or 22 bullets :roll_eyes: You shouldn’t be forced to use a weapons locker with cards to get ammo.

What if you want to play solo with bots as fahz? It takes an eternity to refill the sniper in a fahz built locker and you can’t upgrade it yourself either.

@D_A_N_III_3_L < share your thoughts.


Correct @o_GH0UL_o

I believe this situation has three factors that are acknowledge by TC and they haven’t fixed it yet.

  1. Theammo skill cardz allowed the weapons to have more ammo capacity and in Gears 5 it doesnt have any skill cards that allows you to do that… worsening the situation of the ammo and the amount its given on horde on higher difficulties… IT JUST DOESNT WORK AT ALL… I can assure you it gets to a time where you dont have any rounds to shoot at the monsters.

  2. the ammount of ammo given by the ammo boxes is completely moronic and absurd, it just doent refill the whole weapon … ¿ what am I supposed to shoot at , with curse words ?.. Ryan already concurred with me on this point and still the game is plagued with the same flawed mechanic… it just doesnt work and until this gets fixed it will never be better than Gears 4.

  3. the Engineer DEPENDENCY: This game its designed to have an Engineer to ssave your life creating ammo lockers … where IT SHOULDN’T BE… we should be able to survive without a Engineer on horde and now it all depends that you have one in order to survive speaking in ammo scarcity terms… is just plain dumb and dumber !!!.


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It doesn’t even refill a quarter of it :roll_eyes::rofl:

Such a moronic decision.

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We should be able man to play horde on highter difficulties being Marcus and JD and still have sufficient ammo to shoot… but this game forces us to have at least one engineer to be able to have SOME AMMO between waves…

It just plain stupppid , The person who thought it was smart its not in the small bit. …

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It’s a team game.

“Lone wolves don’t last long”. Quote might not be accurate.

Hi @Ektope

That’s where the devs got it all wrong , because first and foremost its a cover-based shooting game, not a " TEAM GAME " … what would dev’s care how the people play the game… as long as they purchase content and use the game that should suffice to them.

In the moment they dictate how the game MUST BE PLAYED that where the fun ends and people gets frustrated into a game that is limited to the DEV’S INTENTION. its sad that should thought process its stablished into a game that could be more than that…

I should have been clearer.

Horde is a team mode. It consist of hero system where each characters have roles to play out. It’s best to combine all those roles and being versatile, to beat Wave 1 to 50. Working as a team, compensating for flaws… etc.

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@Ektope Thanks for your comments.

I think its clear the focus of Horde in Gears 5 , however what it didn’t work its that a lot of people wants to be for example JD and have no interest at all at playing DEL or Baird , if lots of people are scouts or tanks , then it would get a serious problem since no one would ever have the ability to built anything …

That where the beauty of Gears 3 comes along, in which it doesnt matter the class systme or hero system at all… you are who you want to be and the sole purpose of horde its to kill things without haveing to worry about anything else. . .that the minimalistic approach of having little choices and lots of fun I think without a doubt youll agree.

This freedom to be able to shoot and kill without the dependency of others , should be implemented again. the soul of horde its precisely giving you the feel of being in war . without worrying about ammo, lockers , or sentries just the plain satisfactiion tha t you are pulled into the limits to kill everything it appears on the screen.

Its my humble opinion, Horde didn’t require a Hero Class system to begin with and that where it falls down in the first place.


Baird is an engineer so not sure why you’d think he should have perks when the other engineers don’t. Their job is to build and maintain a base, not be a frontline fighter and waste the teams power on personal perks.

By the way, Baird is an engineer. Build a weapons locker for your embar.

Ammo boxes give nothing at all really…its horde not verses…these idiots dont have a clue🙄


Right, for the embar it is 1/5th - I need FIVE full boxes to get my 15 rounds (which is the max for Baird. I don’t think he has any capacity cards which would give me more).

I was playing on beginner, and after the first or second boss wave I couldn’t one shot head shot the big guys anymore… haha, I can imagine with double health modifier, and higher waves, you might need 3-4 head shots… PER TARGET… with 15 rounds and useless ammo boxes…

This ammo issue is just STUUUUUPID in my opinion…

When i was playing as JD earlier, I was getting ONE boomshot round per ammo box… ONE… are you kidding me…

I have never played as other engineers, and that’s why i was asking… So apparently that IS the correct behavior? As to why I would think he would? I donno… maybe because every OTHER character I played as had them, so, donno, I’d expect this latest one to have them too? is that that big of a stretch, do you think ?

Ohh, yes, thank you, that perfectly addresses my comments and complains about the ammo starvation re ammo boxes… Build lockers - sure, why not? Why not just ignore the whole ammo box issue all together, let’s just remove them from the game, I mean, what’s the point of having them, right


Baird with bleed, extra damage and the headshot fixes barrier card is awesome! What a load of s**t your talking. The Embar with Baird on higher levels is an absolute killer guys


Engineers use money to build not to power themselves. Baird is an engineer.

Same as del, kat

Baird should be an engineer that’s basically been his main role in all gears games in lore.

Engineers are not supposed to be tanks. That’s what weapon lockers and turrets are for

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Yeah, look at the cards he has, and re-think that statement. Numerous killing focused cards, even cards which tie killing to engineer work (repairs).

In GoW4 engineers had no personal offensive cards.

Baird has cards which give his shots bleeding, which increase the damage of weapons he shoots, which automatically repair fortifications based on kills, and which reduce cooldown on his ultimate based on the number of sniper shots he takes.

So what was that you were saying about engineers and stuff?

He still ain’t a tank buddy he’s an engineer first and foremost…

Hey Omen,

Was talking to a few buddies of mine who Test a lot of games. I had them sit and Test Gears 5 on my account and they said something I never thought about.

They Tested Horde for sure, but it looks like it was only tested with JD and Kait. And it looks like JD was the first one tested as he feels complete. Kait was the second and wasn’t finished as she doesn’t feel complete.

Then I asked them about the poisons and such. Both believed these were done with only the JD testing in mind.

This was after 1 hour of playing, two hours total as for an hour with each.

I really can’t argue with their opinions and it actually makes a lot of since.

What do you think?

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I think that playing as JD would be a lot of fun - the higher the character is leveled up with more cards, the higher difficulty levels you can enjoy. It goes from being pretty trivial to a pretty tough challenge, with a lot of fun options…

Once you go to OTHER characters, it’s a completely different story… none of the other characters (maybe Kait?) had weapons and cards to make them really effective… even Kait, she’s a close range person, and you can’t run out into the middle because you will get crossed and will die, and if you wait until they are in your face, chances are you are getting rushed and overrun… So one on one she’s great, in a crowded fight, she’ll go down too…

It really feels like they made JD really powerful, Kait kinda powerful, and everyone really weak, you know, so you don’t have a TEAM that’s “too powerful”. But that means that no one playing characters other than JD and Kait is really having any fun… It’s an annoying game of hide and seek, shooting tri shots over cover, and getting downed by a single sniper shot from across the map… And Jack is just running around picking people up all the time… It was fun for 2 months, I’m done with that, I want to try and have some fun myself now, just simply keep others alive for them to have fun…

In GoW4 you could do serious damage as a sniper, a heavy, and even a soldier (I was surprised to see that, but yeah, this one dude, with frag cards using shocks and active reload boost with Embar and Dropshot was giving me a run for my money, as a Heavy), and Scout was a lot of fun, running around, dodging fire, etc…

IN G5, unless you are JD, and there can be only one JD… I donno…

Feels like they wanted to make sure no one would have FUN playing this… I certainly dont.

I downloaded the Halo Master Chief Collection, the ODST Campaign ad-on, and the Halo Reach pack (all free on the game pass) , and now I have Firefight in 4k! (Firefight is Halo’s Horde mode)… Will be trying that… No Heros, no limits, just silly fun…