Just tried shotty snipes and came across a guy using the anchor ability as the leader

His name was [REDACTED] or some ■■■■ and he was with a 5 stack. Just left ■■■■ these cheaters man.

Edit: Okay I found another one is this a feature? Or a bug?

Edit2: Okay this might be a bug im not sure anymore xd

Edit3: It seems they hotpatched this in because too many leaders were getting insta sniped.

In a game that has introduced new bugs and glitches in every one of its updates since launch, you are going to assume that players are cheating, over the very reality likely that this event is just bugged?

Well I played several games as leader and none of them gave me anchor and nobody had anchor. Which is what leads me to believe they’re glitching the game. Otherwise they might stop in fear of being banned.

Hmm, interesting. Perhaps people have already identified an easy to do glitch/exploit. That certainly didn’t take long.

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I would have thought adding weapon couldn’t cause a problem this big. Anyways here I go searching again.

Edit: Another match where both leaders had anchor. I asked chat why they had shield and someone said “DLC”. Maybe it’s a hivebusters glitch which is why they aren’t using other abilities.

Edit: Huh now I’ve got it? Maybe if someone starts the glitch it applies forever on that server? It was a 2v1 and when it became my turn I had the glitch too. Btw it’s both the see through walls power AND the anchor power.

I don’t think its a glitch or cheat. I think its a feature in the game mode.

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But I played several matches without it! Did they hotfix it?

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No cheat, it is intended by TC.


Ah they patched it in. My bad.

Edit: My bad for thinking the forums would get a notice. I guess twitter.com is the homepage for gears xd


Did they seriously add this update after I’d already finished the medal group for this event?

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lmao I finished the medal group too but I still got the versus events medals to do myself. You’d be surprised how quickly people still die even with the shield.

I’ve been saying this since Gears 4