Just stating facts. Are we really stuck in our own ways?

I heard one too many say gears is stuck in their ways. Wrong. from opening day gears creators have been stuck apart from the community in their ways.

Just look at the history of gears 4-5.
They slowed things down and made delays from opening launch day, This made the ones who loved the game already from any other game only stay. Still, this people group, would switch from gears to gears.
Eventually coming back just to see if it’ll get more familiar to the ways of gears, period. Apparently the best way to create new fans was to do what the masses knew all along. Keep gears unique & gears by making the game fast paced and fast paced rewarding.

How? By allowing wall bounce, strafing, and roadie strafing to be stylish, fast, useful, and not confusing to execute.
Since, first impressions (or launch day) makes an lasting impression. New comers judge the game at launch day. If gears is having trouble creating new fans, it’s because the creators have alienated the biggest thing that makes gears different from the rest. Which would be a reason in its own right to stay playing gears. Besides walbounce being inconsistent or confusing, so has the shotgun. The obvious difference in the gears franchise has been neglected and hidden from the public, The community are the ones who showcase it. They are the ones who know about it (on a majority basics)

When speed boost was in game, gears 5 and 4 saw the most population playing. The creators never saw wallbounce the same way the community has. They didn’t want it, it took so long for gears to revert back to its roots on both games.

The obvious solution is to not have a bad launch day, Making the game strafe and wallbounce friendly from opening day.
From there, make the mechanics from gears not feel random confusing but easy to explain. (A way more in depth bootcamp) This is the vision to follow, please listen and have a vision. One that’s not contradicting to the obvious facts and statistics of what’s happened already.