Just started and already hate the CHARACTER LOCK

So been playing for about an hour and I truly hate the character lock. I don’t know how I will play my favorite game mode horde anymore. Wanted to try escape and guess what still can’t play the character I want.


Same here


Yep, not just are classes locked to characters, you can’t even have duplicates, so you’re literally forced into roles you don’t want to play.

TC would rather force sniper on someone who’s horrible at aiming than have a duplicate hero.


I hate it too, I hope TC just gets rid of the character lock, and just let us play what we want to play as.


I seriously don’t like the idea of classes locked for certain characters. I enjoyed gears 3 horde because I could choose to play as one of the Carmines or whoever I felt like using. I haven’t had a chance to try the horde mode yet, but this bums me out.


yeah character lock is the worst. Just allow me to choose a MODEL, GUNS and ABILITY. Thats all...also remove Jack its very boring to play as him and he`s needed


I agree this character lock is the worst, it makes it so difficult to build your character up


Yep totally sucks Gears 4 and even 3 horde mode is better how did TC think restricting players with characters which has always been free choice would be a good idea?

Especially when they are pushing cosmetic micros whats the point a new BA character comes out you spend however much it costs then you cant use it utterly pointless.

It needs to go very off putting.

This is stupid. I want to play Hoard with who i want. I want to play as Jack. I’ve been the 1st one to pick him for almost 10 matches. I keep getting bumped off by someone else picking him and then it sez Duplicates not allowed. Then it changes my character over and over. Am I not allowed to pick who I want to play with? Isn’t it 1st come 1st serve? If I picked a character 1st don’t change my character.
Nevermind that in Hoard now we waste a lot of time depositing energy. Before all we had to do was touch the fabricator and all of the energy we have would be deposited then back to the fight. Now in GoW5 you have to manually deposited 1000 or lower at a time. So if we need energy in a hurry we’re not going to get it in a hurry. It all depends on how much energy someone is carrying. The more you carry the longer it takes to drop off to the fabricator.