Just some thoughts on today’s horde (3X dmg +ult Rchrge faster )

As you can read from the title I will just ramble here
The other horde thread is cool but just wanted people to see today’s in particular
3X dmg and 2X extra health perks for enemies means you have to play differently
I like horde mutators they provide so much variety it’s addicting

Here’s my first load out but after playing and executing explosives juvies and lambert I figured
Maybe 50% resistance is better
Filling up all that stim is impossible
Better to get the resistant right away

After wiping Then I played a different load out with energy perk+ distance

  1. Radius increase is too small for the card , it needs more range or make it blue rarity and add MORE range . Point is card is useless

2.healing jolt , this card could be AMAZING
Imagine if instead of health it gave stim ? Combine that with power pickup radius and you’d be IN STIM HEAVEN

it coukd provide a different way to play kait
Aggressive kait with higher dmg like we have now with gnasher bleed cards

Or defensive offensive TANK kait
Which relies on stim and stim resistance cards to stay in the fight longer

You’ve got to be Kidding Me…

What’s HaPPenING???

A “Tank” Infiltrator that can’t Do Damage ?

And it’s too optimistic towards the “Resistence & Stim” once Poison “More Lethal x 2” turned on.

With a max level reaper card it will only ever take 2 kills to get max stim even with stim batteries on. it gives you 50% of whatever you max stim capacity is. You can tell if you have max stim if you kill something and the cog symbol shows up in the middle of your screen.

Remember it also has perks too
I am not saying this is an optimal build
Just a different one
you swap out the radius pickup for gnasher dmg+ 30 you could be doing 80+ % dmg with gnasher

Use flash bangs for scions

Thanks I didn’t know that

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Still in Theory, all of the Things can be said very perfectly.

In reality, you try it once & realize it’s totally Useless.

I won’t going to try it because I know that Card is unnecessary.

What about playing Infiltrator using 3 Cards only ?

Once you’re familiar to play it using 3 Cards, the other 2 Cards are Optional for whether Creative Build or whatever.

The Gnasher damage will almost certainly be useless against anything non-Drone once the 2x health poison kicks in. Especially without bleed.

And this daily honestly does the opposite of encouraging people to try varied builds because of how ridiculously stupid it makes the enemies. Especially in regards to damage. I think it’s one of the worst modifier sets and Super Charged really doesn’t make up for it. Heck, I’d say most mod sets don’t and instead just restrict what actually works [well] in them.


Is your guidebutton broken or why do you keep taking screenshots with your phone?


I was wondering why non-active longshots didn’t one shot against locust.

It blows my mind seeing people do this on their PC. Both platforms have buttons for this lol.

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The new controllers even have a dedicated button for it. And I’ve seen OP brag about having bought 2 SeX.

That button is also ready ■■■■■■■ bad. Took so many screenshots I didn’t intent to it’s not even funny anymore

To be fair . Probably wouldn’t be useful in master horde but in the one under it
It would be good
You can yank a lot when more lethal is off

This daily is a pain 3X dmg is stupid but hey :frowning:

It’s easier to take a photo with the feature they have on the forums

I’ve bought 3 total so far

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God, phoneposter were a mistake.

Finally did the challenge
This challenge is all about spamming barriers and shooting
I don’t see any other way
Decoys can help just a smidge

I saw I can download my screenshots via Xbox app :slight_smile:

60% resistance (I assume you made a typo) is always better than 230% more stim, in fact. 60% resistance effectively gives you 1,250 maximum stim, while 230% higher maximum stim is only 1,150.

Obviously they work a treat if you equip both.


Boom here you go
More knowledge for people that never sat down and thought of it
Thanks for that

That Veterans poor back.

Enhanced Stim/Stim Batteries is standard Infiltrator build what do you mean? You’re welcome to try new builds and explore cards but most if not everything has been factored out by numbers and experimenting. I guess you can call it a challenge but it just seems like a preference to me :man_shrugging:

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Lmao, Vanden clearly doesn’t understand how Stim batteries actually works. But sure, take for granted what he said.

Of course but he’s saying you get more with stim resistance than if you just ran stim
Batteries ( instead of bot cards together)

Guess he’s wrong :joy::joy::joy:

He is, because TCs descriptions aren’t very accurate :slight_smile: But you do, clearly you always know better despite barely playing the class in question.

Great for Jack though when you max out the ultimate perk so you can hijack multiple times per round.

Well, yes, but I don’t play Jack so I don’t tend to think of that perspective. I would hate to use a Blademaster on the daily unless it was with the 3x damage nonsense off. Even if I could probably somehow make it work, it would most likely not even remotely be an enjoyable experience.