Just some issues i encountered

1 - Game audio is completelly ■■■■■■ up on windows, i get some glitches where one channel completelly shuts out, usually some voice channel, or the audio for a channel get very low, like if that person talking is very far away.
Currently i´m using Logitech G933 as my only audio device.

  1. EasyAntiCheat.SYS strikes again. If i have Geforce Experience Overlay, Discord Overlay or pretty much any overlay i get BSODed. Culprit is EAC.SYS as usual.

  2. 2019 and i still need to change my whole system language if i want to play the game with the audio in english and subtitles in portuguese… I doubt it´s a hard task to add two options to choose language and text language, you are not cool for having the game pulling the language from the system, sorry…

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