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Just so I know, what rule did my post break?

(Omen LP) #21

That’s a little insane, but hey, poster boy for RNG based business model, right (if true)

(ll R E D l) #22

Even if thats true and the person did spend that much thats just ridiculous. Its cosmetics getting EVERYTHING shouldn’t cost nowhere near that much

(WrinklyHornet34) #23

I don’t like RNG in this game and the next but someone like that should not be allowed near money at all because after the first, lets say 20 packs, should identify that it is nothing more than pure luck. Having said all that … 10,000 is rather unbelievable.

As for the OP. I read your previous post and in my honest opinion it was nothing more than an opinion that compared this games DLC to anothers DLC. I didn’t see anything that would suggest it needing to be removed because whether, TC and or the forum mods, like it or not it started a discussion between players and that, as far as I am concerned, is what the forums are here for.

(xxxGAUNTLETxxx) #24

Idk about ten k but I do know envii be dropping big bucks, it’s what he’s into

(ll R E D l) #25

damn way to put envi on blast lol. If you spend something here and there is one thing but even if i had 10k to throw away on a videogame i wouldnt

(xxxGAUNTLETxxx) #26

Envii talks about it openly. Seen a few post about it. Even talked about real estate with him lol.

(xxxGAUNTLETxxx) #27

Yeah TC got me for a extra 60 but I learned my lesson with that RNG crap

(ll R E D l) #28

I was just messing, I’ve seen him flaunting it :rofl::rofl::rofl: But like I said I bought 1 with a giftcard and I was lucky with it but I won’t spend a dollar on them after watching some of the openings and seeing some of these people on here

(xxxGAUNTLETxxx) #29

Yeah I seen some painful openings lol. I haven’t logged onto gears this week yet did they drop boxes yet? Or did they drop another e sports pack lol

(ll R E D l) #30

Like a month or 2 ago I saw some said they bought 8 packs and got 8 Doms…Just esports

(Ghost Dog Zero) #31

Well, even just focusing on skill cards for horde,
TLDR; your buy to max cost, worst case, is almost $21,000.

The long read:
A single pack of horde cards costs 0.99 for 5 cards, making the base value per card $0.198 (rounded to .20 for cleaner math)
A common card is worth 5 scrap, making the top value of (1) scrap = $0.04
The total amount of scrap required to “buy” all class skills to their maximum is 524160s.
(Your first pack is worth a bare minimum 175 more).

The worst case scenario: you buy your way to max, purchasing individual packs and had the absolute worst luck, getting the same 5 common cards every draw,… your total cost is…


Buying only horde expert packs, but having the same luck: $13,400

And that’s just for horde skills.

If you’re curious… the “farming gold” rate is approx 3x worse.

(EVIL 0NE) #32


Just a heads up your thread was closed by a Admin… I cannot tell you why it was closed, but if it was closed by a admin there was reason behind it.

Could of been the direction the discussion was going, honestly not to sure. It’s best to always PM a moderator instead of publicly asking.

Per Guidelines:

In order to maintain our community, moderators, and Admins reserve the right to remove any content and any user account for any reason at any time. Moderators do not preview new posts; the moderators and The Coalition take no responsibility for any content posted by the community.

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