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Just so I know, what rule did my post break?

(Omen LP) #1

My thread about the relative pricing of Gears DLC vs other systems/games was locked without comment:

Can you please tell me why? So I know, for future posts? I’m sure the reason wasn’t “cuz we don’t talk about that,” so what was it?

Doesn’t say who locked it or why…

Thank you…

(OneButtNugget) #2

maybe TC doesn’t want to face the fact that they have over priced DLC.

(Saber Skywalker) #3

Shady tactics

(Krylon Blue) #4

Yeah, I’m not quite sure other than maybe they felt there was nothing positive that could come from it or maybe it was already becoming derailed? It’s strange indeed because I feel like open discussion should be allowed as long as it’s civilized so they know what they’re doing right and wrong.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #5

It’s best to PM a mod about this. I did that in the past when I thought a mod was being unfair and I believe the situation was handled well.
Threads like this are supposed to be closed so don’t be offended if that happens.

(Kitten Britchez) #6

It appears that it was closed by TC Octus.

(DarkChaoz95) #7

Reach to to @forum-mods as they can provide an explanation on why the thread got locked.

But I’m going to assume its very likely for unconstructiveness. Your post is ambigous / vague in terms of feedback and explaining what TC did wrong and what they should do in future.

What you done is just make a comparison without giving any sort of follow up with critical feedback

(sancris777) #8

They DID give you a reason…didn’t you see? it said “Because…reasons…”

(ANDROIDguy) #9

lol so true…

hey at least you now know that its not a democracy

(Omen LP) #10

lol, right… Ok… :slight_smile:

(Keala89) #11

It’s because you committed a thought-crime.


I think TC went the Micro transaction route because of Microsoft. They’re trying to regain a profit after buying the franchise from Epic while at the same time using Gears UE and Gears 4 as the guinea pigs to get better at making gears games. I have a feeling that we will see the return of DLC and maybe some micro transactions that shouldn’t affect big parts of the game like characters.

(mizzelphug) #13

Just like in North Korea, you do not question Glorious Leader …or else.

(hotbeatz85) #14

Exactly they used RNG so they could make more money. It’s pretty simple they found a way to make extra cash without having to change anything in the game.

(baconman886) #15

I hope they didn’t do it just because they can’t face facts. The Gears forums and their mods have been pretty good about allowing criticisms on here. I hope the forums don’t transform into censorship. It’s not even close yet though. Wanna see mods abusing power? Just look at something like the Overwatch forums.

(Omen LP) #16

Lol, by closing the post they are getting much more attention to this than if they just lelt the original post alone :slight_smile:


Geez…just look at Facebook and YouTube😂

(ll R E D l) #18

I thought Microsoft made them do it for the same reasons. I remember seeing somewhere I think it was Cliffy B that said it that in order for Epic to make a Gears 4 it would have to be multi platform for them to make a profit. But the RGN I believe is on TC. I think they would have made more money in the long run if you could just buy the character you want not a chance at it. I know I would have bought a bunch. But personally I won’t risk getting a BS Mryyah to get a BS Hoffman. I know a few people who stayed away for the same reasons as well. I also know a few people who spent 100’s on 1 pack chasing a certain character so I could be wrong


It is really hard to say I’ve seen someone on the forum complain they spent $10,000 to get everything in the game but he missed one of the events to get a new character.

(ll R E D l) #20

someone spent ten thousand???