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Just sharing a thought on KoTH

So I’m a good Gears player. I’m not this amazing highlight film player, in fact I’d say I’m only above average in the context of a 1v1 gnasher battle. I will beat everyone I’m supposed to beat, but get destroyed by diamonds. What’s always made me a good, winning player though is that I’m smart. I pick my battles well, I retreat when I don’t have the advantage, I mark enemies, I use the lancer when appropriate, I’m mindful of power weapon timers, etc. This game isn’t rocket science, but it’s not just running around twitching and shooting either. There’s a nuance to it. I’ve always called Gears “The thinking man’s shooter.”

Well in GoW4 I mostly play KoTH and generally I’m a winning player, and in games I lose I’m usually first or second on my team in scoring. Well lately GoW4 matchmaking has been putting me in games full of Diamond players (even though I’m currently only Onyx 1, highest ever was Onyx 3) and WOWWWW am I overmatched! I played 5 matches last night just trying to get that one last win before bed and absolutely got destroyed. Again, I’m not the best player out there, but I’m good enough I virtually never get stomped. But last night I got STOMPED. The intelligence that high level players display in their positioning as well as coordinating their assault on the capture point was…inspiring. When I’m stuck in a game of golds and people are just sprinting head first towards the hill it’s so frustrating. Like wtf are you trying to do, just 1v5 everybody all game? It never works. But these diamonds are never ever in the wrong spot, and JFC I must have won only maybe 15-20% of my 1v1 gnasher battles last night.

Again I was just really surprised by exactly HOW different a game full of golds is compared to a game full of diamonds.

I don’t think I’m sharing anything people don’t already know, and for the most part I already knew it too, but to actually see the game played at the highest level and feel what it feels like to get bested by superior players over and over…yikes.

Also, I finally gave up after losing all 5 games at about 1am and found that my basement had flooded, and while I was inspecting the damage, my 1 year old son woke up screaming in his crib. Great night all around!

Sorry about the flood and baby waking up. Hopefully the damage was minimal.

Diamonds are on another level. But the only way to get on that level is to play them and adjust accordingly. Typically they are faster, make less mistakes, are more coordinated, and are very accurate. It makes sense since these are the Top 1-2% in the playlist. KOTH gets difficult to play without a full squad at that level.

While the majority are decent, there are several Diamonds out there who got there by playing in a competent squad and therefore individually aren’t all that impressive.


I would say typically the less competent Diamonds dont make it past Diamond 1.

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Indeed, but I have seen higher levels do poorly. But then again, we all have our bad days.

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For sure. I just have rarely seen D4’s or D5’s that have been carried there.

Then again i havent seen many because most stop playing once they get there.

It’s funny you say that. Just played against a diamond, I could tell before the score card due to his/her choice of weapon skins :wink:

We got beat and they were mvp BUT and this is not sour grapes, they were more skilful than me and my “team mates” (I was solo) but nothing they did save for some intelligence around the hill made me think this player is on another level.

In fairness it may have been a poor game from them, but even so, I was surprised they actually were Diamond.

As you were :wink:


There are ways to get to Diamond without belonging there, unfortunately lol.

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I used to teach pistol marksmanship, at a university pistol club and we’d tell students there were 4 steps that everyone needed to go through, and I think they apply to gears/KOTH too :slight_smile: :

  1. Unconsciously incompetent : you suck and you don’t even realize it

  2. Consciously incompetent: you suck but now you realize you suck

  3. Consciously competent : you can do well, when you focus and concentrate

  4. Unconsciously competent : you do well by default, by instinct

it’s not a perfect match, but I feel like bronzes and low silvers are (1), mid to high silver are (2), gold to mid onyx are (3), and O3 and diamonds tend to be (4)… ON AVERAGE, doesn’t apply to every single player…


The most interesting there is “around the hill.” It’s not just rush and break and then stand there in a firestorm and hope you survive long enough to cap, netting like four points before the event breaks the hill. Good teams set up and pick a time to breach, and they spread out and collapse to defend. It’s beautiful.

Play around the hill is what separates good players from bad ones.

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Don’t defend the hill from INSIDE THE HILL! :slight_smile: Yeah, i try to tell me team mates, but no one listens.

And if you watch really good teams they use the wolfpack strategy. Noone ever transverses the map solo. Always with at least one other teammate.

Just to make you feel better imagine being silver and have no control over match making and being place in with diamond and onyx players every single freaking game. It does not matter how much you try and be smart you are. your solo no one talks. you can cross all day.

You get destroyed every single game so much that you have dropped from Sliver 3 at 95% to silver 1 .04% . I be back in bronze at this rate.

yeah that is happening to me. losing 5 matches try 10 or 15 every night. add quitters to this it gets worse. Last night had my best K/D against one diamond and 4 onyx 37 kills. I was the only silver. you think that good right. i thought so. we even won. I lost rank why cause i am not performing same as on my team and they other at 50 plus kills. the diamond had 85 kills.

that is a pipe dream for me frankly. I do believe you do get better playing better but not punching out of your weight class either.

Be happy you Onyx and as good as you are. All i wanted to was to get to gold thats all. It will never happen now given the low pollution and match making placing me in with 2 to 3 class above me.

owe the best part i get called Trash every game by my team mates and the other team cause my kills are 20 to 30 below them. EVEN AFTER THE END OF THE GAME AND THEY SEE MY RANK.


sorry very salty on this subject…lol I have other post on here so the guys will tell you.

sorry about the flood and your child walking up. been there done that…

I love this, I’m gonna use it!

your right i have seen a bronze play just like a diamond so my intake on that is it dont matter about your tier if you think i am playing try and go up against me i run solo all the times i am a gold one and play like a diamond see i play the game for fun i dont need a team look me up i have over 150 videos i done ran with the best

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Yeah, when I see teammates sitting IN the hill, holding a gnasher, just waiting for an enemy to run into them, after stunning them with a smoke, I want to scream…

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You’re right on though man. I haven’t had many problems with matchmaking in this game EXCEPT the last month or two when it’s been exactly what you just described. Again, I can hold my own but there are plenty of players out there who can just stomp me. But at the same time I’m also getting bronzes in my matches. Not just bronzes but people legit don’t even seem to have mastery of the control scheme. Start wall bouncing against someone who can barely use the right stick and it’s just unfair.

I hope this is all a combination of a small remaining population combined with the fact that many players are returning to the game and have to re-do their ranked qualifiers.

:joy: That made me laugh. I know many, many unconscious incompetees.

You god darn done ran with the best fo’ sho.