Just saw someone playing as Minh in FFA (TC please respond)

So I know that Minh, Sam and Saark (I believe his name is) being put on the store earlier this afternoon for purchase was a mistake and people that bought the characters could not use them and they removed the characters from the store right away… I just saw however, someone playing as Minh in a quick play FFA match. Yes it was Minh, bald head and all and it even said his name. Can someone from TC please respond to this post and clarify on what is going on with these characters? Are people that purchased the characters when they were put on the store by accident now able to use them? As soon as I saw Minh in my lobby (He killed me btw) I left ASAP to check the store to see if I could purchase him, and sadly, I could not. (He’s still not on the store for purchase) So please TC, can someone please clarify what is going on?


I’m not 100% sure of the details, but in the past players have been able to join games in progress as unreleased characters.

I see some players with Sam and Saark too

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