Just remember - aim assist is still there, and it's still way stronger than GoW4

I see people happily praising today’s update…

I haven’t formed an option, but just want everyone to remember/realize:

They said Aim Assist is made up of THREE elements:

Bullet Magnetism and Friction - both of which they said are “almost the same” as the previous title (which, to me, means slightly STRONGER, since if they were weaker they would have said so, because they were defending it), and

Adhesion : which is a brand new thing they ADDED to Gears 5… Brand new element to aim assist, added ON TOP of "slightly’ stronger aim assist from GoW4.

They now weakened this ONE NEW ELEMENT by 25%…

So we still have

  1. stronger friction ,
  2. stronger bullet magnetism , and
  3. brand new thing, adhesion, just at 75% of the value they originally started with (adhesion was at 0% in GoW4).

This is my interpretation of what they said.

@TC_Octus, feel free to correct me here

So let’s not being praising them just yet, they still cranked up aim assist for this game… Like crazy… Now it’s just going to be 25% LESS crazy… But still crazy… Relative to GoW4

I REALLY don’t get it…

I played GoW4 as a complete Versus beginner and was fine… Took a while, but I learned… And it was fun…


I wonder why they don’t do Weapon Tuning betas anymore like in Gears 4?

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I honestly don’t understand why they did those betas.

At the time, we presumed it was going to be the standard tuning in gears 5. Then they just threw it all away and started over.

I found that disappointing, personally. I liked the comp tuning in Gears 4.


Exactly. They had the experience of fiddling with tuning for 3 years, and threw all of that away…

What is friction, and why do you feel like they would increase it? What makes it different from adhesion? Or that’s just an assumption?