Just Realized. You could have a Full Carmine Squad for the First time

So was, reading some other posts and I just thought about it.

We are going go be able to play as a full Carmine Squad for the first time ever.

Ok, TC-get these characters released on the double.


Only if Anthony, Ben, and Gary are their own characters. After the Onyx Guard, I would half expect them to be skins for Clayton, Lizzie, or the Gear.
It would be awesome, however.


One can only hope.

It would just be awesome to finally be able to do this.


Agreed totally. :+1:

Here’s me wondering if there’ll be any bonuses for Carmines camping out near each other. I at least expect Lizzie and “Uncle Clay” to have something for whenever Clayton comes around.

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Oh yea,

Didn’t even think of that. Wow you just added a whole bunch of possibility’s.

High chance this can be the greatest gears game for Carmine fans. Still waiting on the recruit Clayton skin to come back <3

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What if we got a Recruit skin for all of them?

That would be pretty sweet. But yea, completely agree with you. :+1:


I thinks bens hollowstorm armor was his recruit because he was green as grass hahahaha


Haha nice

Yeah also pleased to see Lizzie will be playable in Horde and Escape

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About time right?

Don’t get why it takes so long to make these.

I mean yea her Ult spawns a silverback. But there is no cool animation. It just appears out of no where right in front of you. Why not add a quick little animation like from the imp in plants vs zombies?

Well something is better than nothing I guess.

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I’m gonna have to tell people to leave the Silverback alone or bring it back in one piece. What are the chances either will happen?

Zero with randoms

Exactly what I was thinking. I’m just gonna stay in it till it’s gone unless not otherwise possible… or if it’s about to get destroyed and I offer it as a “present” to someone. And watch the dumbfounded look on their face as it blows up on them.

lol we need to play together then haha

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May be so, if you happened to have the time around CET times when I can actually play, or feel bothered to after getting home. Though it is worth noting I don’t actually play on this account, I use it purely for forum posting.

TC knows that locust and Carmine skins will sell the most. I expect a lot of them. I just hope they don’t be dumb and remove their helmets.


If this happens, I want a full convo amongst them about Anthony’s gun jamming.

EDIT: WAIT NO, a full convo about Mama Carmine. Only Clayton knows her fate.

Good point about the Silverback just appearing, because I think overall Gears 5 is a stylish game so that does seem like a missed opportunity.

I just re-watched the trailer a few times and you’re right it just suddenly appears…at least it is quick though, and one thing I noticed is that a split second after you start entering it, there is like a lightning flash that appears over you, it is really quick but fairly stylish, so there is that. Not sure if this is an added effect for the Ultimate or if it does the same thing when you ride it in campaign. I’ll have to pay attention next time I use it.