Just played Horde and Escape for the first time,

Too much fun, must nerf.


It’s at the very top of their priority list. They have people working 24x7 on that.

While the modes are fun the first few times around after a while the modes become boring to do as it feels like a chore just to level-up and earn any decent cards.

I know that higher difficulties yield better chance of rare, epic or legendary cards, but decent run may yield a few rare/epic (ex. Custom Lancer GL/Epic Score Boost) and possible legendary (ex. Healing Repair) while the rest may be just common cards (ex. Score Boost). At the end of the day it all comes down to RNG which cards a player may receive depending on the difficulty.


They also need to up the character xp progression, it becomes a huge grind from around 10 onwards.

not enough characters & maps


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Now your ready to play the real core of gears of war-the pvp-get your gnasher ready

You mean melee button.

Lol yeah they could do with nerfing that a bit

The biggest issue is the hit detection has taken a serious step backwards since TU2 released. You can shoot an enemy with a full pellet and then melee then only to die. Your death screen will say “51% in 1 hit” which is the melee while totally ignoring the full Gnasher hit.

This is why everyone is meleeing. There’s no reason not to. It works unlike the guns in this broken update.

Yeah I can’t really complain-I was a serious abuser of the two-piece in gears of war 2 lmao

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The two piece, while annoying, wasn’t as bad as the melee in Gears 5.

That’s true but it was still an overpowered and cheap way of getting a kill. If enough people complain about the melee in 5 I’d expect some adjustment to be made. I’d be surprised if it stays the way it is.

They have already confirmed adjustments are on the way. But that doesn’t fix the large issue of the hit detection being so poor since TU2. Both need a fix and both need them immediately.