Just played gears 4 again and one thing

The only thing I want back in gears 5 is just the speed witch you slide to cover and out of cover. It’s so fast. Please increase the speed in this.

I think they slowed this down to make wall bouncing less effective

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Weirdly I played a few games of gears 4 the other night and it felt horrible! I just wish this game had more/better maps. Also the wall bounce cool down on 4 was horrible as well.


The movement was a huge improvement in 5, gotta give credit where credit is due.


Maybe you need more skills to play gears 4, its the problem when you have played Gears 5 and you can kill just pushing 1 button with your riffle, need a hand?

Gears 5 is great as is with the movement

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“Maybe you need more skills to play 4 “:joy::joy::joy: What’s your problem mate? I played gears 4 from release until gears 5 came out and loved it, after playing on 60hz and no noob wallbounce cool down there’s no going back, Not sure why your making a comment about my skill you absolute weapon.

Gears 4 was horrible? GEARS 5 IS HORRIBLE, Gears of war was always gnasher and wallbounce not this kind of ■■■■ where riffles are used like hell, you dont have skills for Gears if you are telling to me that Gears 4 was bad ans Gears 5 is great

I’d love for you to look through my comment history and See my well voiced opinions about the gears 5 issues, sliding to cover is clearly to slow in this game but you honestly liked the cool down in gears 4?!