Just played Gears 3

Was bored so I hopped on Gears 3 for the first time in years, I forgot how much I loved that entire game. IMO its the best Gears of War game, the MP content is by far the greatest, the unlock able system they have in place to unlock characters, weapon skins & Maps are so much better than the games that followed it.

Wonder if Sam alone ion this feeling.


I haven’t played it, but Gears 3 looks good indeed

Only bad thing in gears 3 is the camera shake when running, everthing else is perfect.

I know what you meant.

You are not alone. It’s a legendary game that I put many, many hours into. Almost 100,000 kills in TDM. Good times. Great game with endless enjoyment.

I play Gears 3 DAILY, where have you been :wink:

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Well Gears 3 is the last time Sam had a major role, so of course she likes that game… none the less I know what you meant haha.

How can I play Gears 3 on PC!? :pleading_face: