Just played first match of QuickPlay in every mode!

Won every match except Team Deathmatch every mode had its challenges. In King Of The Hill I was second place I think and I finished 2nd place with my team. I can tell you I play to win every possible match I come accross. That match pretty much felt like I know that mode so well.I was pretty good at King of the Hill with our team Dominating . The opposing side barely could compete with us I was Capping and Breaking whenever I could, came out 2nd for our team.

Then I played some Guardian. This mode is one of my favorite modes in the Gear of War franchise that I have played but 2 other modes Top this IMO King of The Hill and Overrun. So first three players played leader quite well. We lost a round then I became leader for that round and we executed well won that match. Then I saw Torque Bow was
available that match was pretty interesting knowing you could not melee or swap weapons . Clocktower gave me memories of playing this back I’m the day

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So KOTH it was pretty a dominating match by our team.I was capping and Breaking every time I could. Then I jumped into Guardian which is one of my other all-time favorite Gears favorite besides 2 other modes. King of the Hill and OVERRUN are my other 2. Torque Bow Tag special was up and I jumped right into an early matchup. First I started kinda bad then for the first 2 rounds. My team eventually gained some ground and pushed back for a win. I played Team Deathmatch and had a close loss. TC must be getting smarter about what they are dropping out. Eventually we’ll get a new mode that is polished and thriving.

Sounds like you had fun.

Love to hear that.

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I kinda did because I usually don’t play everything. I like that everything has an objective of sorts. Tho I can certainly say that the style of play differed when I played every other mode. If you read stats you know exactly what you need to do. So when those rounds start to put your team behind, you start playing smarter and strategically better. Comeback wins are nice and give your players confidence.

Overall how did the matches go as far as high pings/sponging?

Not bad didn’t really notice any ping problems.