Just played a public Horde to wave 30 and got NOTHING

The after match report shows I got literally nothing for playing it. No XP, medal progress, nothing. Wasted a good hour or so for no reason.

Tc are busy stocking up the store…they’ll address the game issues at a later date🤣

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outage by the looks of it

That would have been nice to know before I wasted my ■■■■■■■ evening.


Damn I feel bad for anybody who’s getting out of a long Horde run right now lol.

Hopefully they have a stats catch up like at launch

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This feels different but one can hope.

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Great, there goes my double stars to waste. I dont get progress for anything it seems, and only errors post match results. Vs, Escape, Horde . Nothing works, Not stars, not medals, no progress for anything.

Just completed 50 waves of master on exhibit with a team of 5…error getting results and then kicked from server back to lobby. No cards, no boost, no xp, no nothing… This sh! tty game is an absolute joke! Xbox biggest franchise and TC completely ruin it…buggiest game I have ever played!!!


Yeah, I just got out of a wave 50 on asylum and was blessed with the no xp awarded message. Wish I would have know service was wonky cause I would have waited to play. I never even got the supposed catch up that they said was already put out from a different 50 waves on icebound. I just want the progress that I deserve, that’s all I’m asking for.

So you quit out on wave 30? Then you deserve nothing!

Ah, no i’m just kidding I did 1-50 last night and got nothing too.