Just perks ONLY

This might be stupid suggestions or even a stupid challenge.

In horde - Which class would be Ideal damage dealer if you just rely on perks, without any skill cards on masters?

Has anyone attempted this yet?

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Ill pick demo, just give me 4 lockers😁
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Blademaster without a doubt.


First thought is Anchor (can perk critical hits, health, and ammo regen) but I’m sure there are better options out there.


Blademaster. Melee Bleed and 30% damage resistance are built into the perks and require no cards.


Agree with @RelaxingKoty and @xXRealkainXx - Blademaster.

I remember when I played Master Frenzy as lvl 1 BM on my new account on Speyer and ended up being MVP most waves. Definitely didn’t expect it but was glad that BM basically can play with no cards relying only on perks.
I couldn’t chain shock but with a Mace and speed perk it didn’t really matter.


I’ve seen players who no matter what class they play they camp a locker and use boomshots lol. No judgements there :wink:

Works pretty well so whatever class has a straight damage perk is really going to shine.

Probably anchor would be the best choice since his ultimate is the most useful.

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You literally mean JUST perks? So even without Ultimate?

Then Blademaster 100% for the reasons the others mentioned already.

Gunner aint too bad either actually. Can hold out pretty well thanks to the Passive and the perks should make sure to make them have enough ammo.

If Ultimates are allowed, you may want to consider having a Slugger. We have done a no skill-card run in the past and Slugger was one of the most clutch player out there due to being able to stagger enemies and giving your teammates some breathing room if the base gets overrun.


Yes, just perks mate.

I have to admit that gunner could be good to. His passive ability is amazing itself.

Also, I do agree with other people in this thread, blademaster would be amazing for no skill cards to.

  1. Any Engi because you just get damage from fort but I know thats not what you mean but still a fact.
  2. Blademaster
  3. Nomad
  4. Veteran
  5. Marskman
  6. Anchor


Nomad inflicts x2 damage on frightened enemies. Buy GL/Bow use gl on group, tbow on single target get your ult as soon as possible switch to any weapon that can deal a lot, or even if you can, tag a frag on a Scion. The more damage you deal, the more often you get your ult back meaning x2 more often.

I mean Headshot with tbow