Just pause the Cloak duration timer during executions on Infiltrator

If the duration remaining on the Infiltrator’s Cloak ultimate paused during executions, knife executions wouldn’t be such a bad waste of time compared to just meatshielding.


Chain was buffed quite significantly in Op 5 (increase from something like 2.8 seconds at level 6 to 5 seconds I think) to compensate for meatshields no longer counting as an “execution” which triggered it. I don’t think it’s an issue personally. It’s fine as it is. Otherwise with Chain it would have the potential of lasting for the whole wave.

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I think pausing the meter and nerfing Chain back down is still the better option. You need to get Chain to level 4 or so before it’s even worth bringing and trying to use, and legendary cards should be worth a slot even at level 1.


I don’t believe its worth running since certain enemies like deebees and rejects actually take a while to “die” after the exe. Could mean life or death when it comes to charging that meter again if it decided to award meter very late after a robot exe.

I prefer not too leave it to chance and will agree with OP that it should be “nerfed” back to its original meatshield state or be properly fixed to proc Chain instantly after starting the exe animations and not after the game decides the target died.

I think it is a bad idea. It would completely break the game.

Your cloak duration would extend for every execution.

So that means that the timer would only start counting down when you run from one enemy to the next.

If a group of enemies are in close proximity, you could essentially wipe them all out.

You already can, but only if you meatshield. The change just makes it less of a player trap.

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Who needs cloak when you have stim, bleed, extra shotgun damage

Because it’s of “Legendary” rarity which is the top tier rarity in regards to skill cards. In my opinion, because it’s legendary, those cards should have extreme benefits when used as opposed to cards that are of lesser rarity. Otherwise the rarity differentiation makes no sense.