Just missed my first daily challenge since release

Since I am going to smash general way before the deadline I skipped one of the daily challenges, and a 3 star one no less.
I feel so dirty, think it’s time for flagellation and a shower.

I skipped my 1st one on Saturday after unlocking team rock. Feels good man, no iron spent. Now to levelling up characters and completing the 2 master hive medals to finish the whole tour.

I had amazing sausages for breakfast. They were from Tyrol, from black wild pigs.

Were you camping at the time? Funny thing to wake up to in the morning but glad you enjoyed the pigs sausage.

Actually black wild piglets. Very tasty.

I was just about to go to sleep myself. Going to have nightmares of waking up to black wild pigs giving me sausage now. :joy:

Master hives I will be down to help you with that need to get gauntlet and descent for seriously 5.0

Sure man, just working on levelling up all my characters right now and learning every book and granny of the maps. End goal is to solo master them all eventually, yep I’m a sadist.