Just me or lately

What happens if you are a ginger and have no soul?

Wouldn’t know

I always feel left out when people talk about souls :sob::sob::sob:

I can’t empathize

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Not many can :weary:

Rod and some buddies were well into the trolling gears players on the forum during gears 2. Rod loved going on about how he was owning scrubs with the 2 piece he implemented.

Gears 3 saw them tone it down a tiny bit, and then for judgement it got so,so much worse.
They totally did enjoy trolling their fans


My IP bans for trolling Rod back with his own quotes?
I can’t exactly pop on the old forums and pull the stuff up, as they don’t exist anymore.

I do remember a poll somewhere between Gears 2 launching and Gears 3 launching where someone asked two options “do you love Epic” and do you hate Epic" and Rod logged on to give Epic a hundred thousand votes (or something of that scale) and said that he loved Epic so much he voted multiple times.

I thought it was pretty funny.

That’s just an honest day’s work. I hope he used a macro. As for spreading toxicity that doesn’t seem to be the case.