Just me or lately

was going to say the same thing.

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Nah man seriously it was great! Met some very good people in the deadroom.
It wasn’t even that toxic back in the day. It was around the mw1/2 lobbies that I thought things got really bad and then seemed to bleed across the rest of xbox.
Host usually kicked the real ■■■■■■■. Otherwise I can only remember good banter and screwing over s**t talkers until they shut up or quit.
I guess I was just lucky.

I don’t think it would work now days though, people are awful in games now.

No it was very bad when Gears 1 released. COD4 came out a year later and may have had some effect but it was always very bad. I did a global mute in 2008 after Gears 2 came out.

This is my life philosophy

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I think everyone did, it was pretty much just me in lobby chat anyway.
I honestly didn’t get my 1st experience of 12 years olds dropping n bombs not-stop until cod4.
After that in game chat seemed to go down hill really fast. I susrvied in chat until gears 3, then just sat in parties to avoid it.

It was mine too, then I got old and fat.

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weird i didnt have this experience. it wasnt until gears 2 was coming in ppl were loud dumb and just terrible. i remember most of the time even when my friends and i had a group come in talking ■■■■ after a match its like we all become friendly giving eachother praise. honestly that happened more than someone just nlowing out the mic and crying about cheating. i miss gears 1.

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I didn’t start online gaming until 2018…

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A good year for it

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It sounds like you’re playing PVP if people are getting bent that you play better than they do.
In theory team efforts ought to evoke appreciation of your abilities (even though that doesn’t always work out with some folks).
If you play horde or escape feel free to invite me - I’m gluten free :smiley:

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Yeah man I think that might be what’s caused it sm as of lately, people gotta ■■■■ on others because they’re just sad lol

I’d put it down to Lockdowns over coronavirus if there is a sudden surge. Apparently Organisations concerned with domestic violence are seeing a spike in that too.

I do remember a couple of toxic people. One absolutely did their nut to find me off my face in the wee hours playing against bots when they entered the match. Such astounding drivel as if I’d been caught robbing a blind old Granny. Remember their GT to this day. Another sent PM after PM with “L”. Over and over and over. For minutes. Doesn’t too long but getting L, L, L every couple of seconds - it was a lot of messages. I can only think their life was a big fat L as they salivated over their amaaaazing couch-button-pressing skills,

the worst type of people to play with. I’m also 100% sure you “type” Gg not gg.

What’s your point here?

My point is that it’s usually the bottom of the barrel - randoms that type “gg”. No one cares.

Well I say gg cause I’m a decent person and cause I want to.

If people don’t care it ain’t my problem


I met someone like that in a custom escape match today. Lol he cursed at me when I didn’t play his way. I didn’t horde ammo, marked things, I dunno. People are hot headed morons.

I love Gears and I’ve made some good Gears friends over the years, but Gears Of War is the most toxic community of randoms that I’ve ever come across in game. Most people weren’t too bad with trash talk in Gears 1 and 2, but Gears 3 and on forth had terrible randoms. People getting on their mics and referring the match, screeching, etc. It was worse than COD. It didn’t help that old Epic fueled the fire around that time too with making their forums a dictatorship. Any valid criticism was met with Epic talking down to the player and even banning tons of people. At least The Coalition aren’t that bad in that aspect. I didn’t really care when Rod left. When he faced criticism in Gears 4 and 5, he told the community to F off and play something else. That’s not a good way to do business.

From what I remember, Epic even would join in on flaming someone and congratulated those that agreed with them and flamed the person themselves.

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This is not true

Any evidence?

It’s always the guy who went negative and got carried that says, “Ez”.


In game text has made it worse… I mean to be fair I wasn’t moving for five minutes, but you try typing “take the fecking Hill NOW!, it is called koth, not tdm” on your Xbox virtual keyboard using your pad! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: