Just me or lately

Okay I don’t know about all of you but recently I’m coming across more and more toxic players who just wanna be jackass’ and soak in their glory hahaha.

Like be completely conceited

Even when I’ve been losing matches I’ve been saying gg most times but my god these players are so entitled and toxic.

I personally haven’t experienced this much of this up until now in gears five, don’t get me wrong it’s of course always existed and been there but lately it’s been horrendous. I got a message which read,

You fxxking sponge whxxe

What happened to alot of the decent people on this game hahahaha

But yeah also, I’m just gonna mention the gnasher and say wowwwwww weeeeeee. Inconsistency wouldn’t even be the word hahahaha.

Please don’t think I’m creating a thread to like be toxic or trash talk people lol I’m just genuinely curious if you guys can relate and also just to chat abit lol

Its the internet and you shouldnt expect much from people on it. They’re toxic here because they cant be in real life. Dont let it get to you.

Also I havent seen true toxic since party chat was introduced on the 360. Lobby chats were insane back in the day.


You got lucky not running into it until now.


No of course you’re right but lately it seems like people are so much more toxic than usual lol I find it more so funny more than anything if I’m honest.

That comment made me laugh more than anything cause he was salty a girl was better than him at a game lol.

You’re right though, since that’s been introduced it’s been a whirlwind of toxicity😂


You ain’t never lying about that! Those were the days.

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Some of this stuff I heard back then holy poop nuggets man. And it was always from some 12 year old screaming some crazy $hit

Those 12 year olds grew up to be the same as adults. The things you hear in lobbies even today…I went into a master horde match with a buddy and 3 strangers. Within 3 waves two of the strangers were talking about things the FBI would be interested in. I muted and blocked them immediately.

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It might have something to do with the spike in people with nothing better to do because of a lot of countries going on lockdown, just a theory :man_shrugging:


Boy you are not kidding.

I can’t remember could you mute players back then. I think the person could be kicked out … right ?

To be honest I dont remember either lol

Gears 1 had cross-team chat when you died.

JFC that was a cesspool of despair.


I believe for most of Gears 2 it was the same. I dont think party chat was introduced until later on


Also don’t be shy about reporting nasties to XBOX enforcement

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And let them know you reported their conduct. They will think twice after some of their live features are off for a day.

No don’t do that they won’t care

My favorite is when your opponents talk trash after winning a game where you had quitters on your team.

“Ezzzz trash”



Pfff one of the most awesome things ever was the dead room.

Hearing the silence from the guys you just clutched on after their non-stop lobby trashtalk was frigging golden and well worth some of the,err, saltier moments.


No, it’s never worth it. You give up a part of your soul when you listen to that kind of nonsense.