Just make it 3rd party

How would u guys feel if Microsoft sold gears? At this point I’m done with coalition and I would rather it be made by another studio I don’t even care about exclusivity anymore there is nothing like gears and coalition is literally stripping it of it’s identity what if they sold it back to epic and maybe possibly be returned to it’s former glory while also gaining a bigger audience

Epic won’t ever take it back, they sold it because they couldn’t afford making more games in the series and they now have a profitable game instead. I also really don’t see Gears gaining a bigger audience.

Not to mention current Epic is almost certainly very far from the Gears Epic.

I don’t see how going third party would necessarily solve issues with it currently. What matters more is under whose payroll the developer is, aka someone who answers to shareholders that don’t care about the quality of what’s sold, but the profits, or someone who isn’t. At the very least, I’d want TC to finish off the current story arc before any change of studio happens.