Just lost -7000 points in masters rank

I was masters 50% and I played 1 match I was 19,700 and I am now 13,650 what is this. you guys need to fix gears ranked. how am I gonna loss -7000 points in 1 match, I grinded hard for masters this is absolute ■■■■■■■■.

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same from onyx to silver 2 in 4 games, and I work hard in 120 ping lobbys,
I Win games MVP 1600 pts and lose rank thats a joke.

Another thread about this? Also, I just don’t understand why people care so much about rank.

So many people have no other complaints outside of rank. If the ranking system wasn’t in the game THEN they would be crying.

Look around, the game is in shambles.

Here you go:



Same, was onyx 3 almost diamond then I get on one day and boom every match I just keep going down, had 18000 points now I have 13000 for no reason

I want the skins, and the rank is broken

Well, that was their call. Not much that will get fixed as they already consider this a fix.