Just logged in since op2, where is all my stuff?

Through my very brief search I found only one person who had the same problem and there was just one reply.

Am I the nearly the only one with this issue? I’m supposed to have Sarah conner, Batista and Terminator, and was expecting to get my masters and diamond weapon skins when I logged in. I don’t even have collecters winter Marcus from op2.

Edit: I just now got but ranked reward skins for my gnasher, Longshot, and enforcer but that’s it.


I believe those are the only skins given out for ranked this season

As for the other stuff have you tried deleting and redownloading your gamertag?

Yea, ive figured that. After my first game it became apparent that my skins aren’t visible in menu, but they are in game. Not a big deal. If I ever feel like I wanna change skins I guess I’ll have to redownload my tag or the game.

I remember someone from TC was on here last week and responded to a couple of people whose customisation items had gone missing. The TC rep basically said something to the effect that the items were still listed in that player’s inventory, but for reasons unknown they were not showing up. It may be server problems that are causing this.

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Probably from the users end, or both. My internet was acting funky at the time I logged in.

Tc rep is correct, I do still have all my stuff.

One of TC’s favorite things to say

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No u

Well you’re the only person to use the search function and you found the only thread I remember seeing recently about this issue so kudos and I hope the server issues get fixed so your inventory is visible again

My golden gun was gone so I submitted a ticket with support. A few hours later they responded saying they found the issue. Got my skin back 2 days later.

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Really? Good for you. But it does make me wonder about the ticket system. I submitted one about a month ago and haven’t heard a wink out of them. And some people submitted there’s even longer ago! They probably skim through them as they come in and prioritise them.


I know. :wink: I was surprised too. Anyway, my point was that the be Op 3 update had some issues with missing content.

Odd. They never credited back my stolen scrap.

1800 you owe me TC.

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They owe me 6,000 scrap!


Ouch! Sucks, guys.
If anyone is interested.

Makes sense seeing as Im still waiting for a response for my ticket from October. It seem like Ill ever get a response at this point

My girlfriend had this issue on her first login after operation 3 release. She was missing skins, cards, everything like she had never played the game. She just restarted the game and then everything came back.