Just How is this even allowed?

How is ANYTHING above 100ms even allowed online, let alone a STEADY 900+ms??



Pings over 300 shouldn’t be able to play.

He probably has internet from the year 1999 or something. Lmao


Yet again…

What the hell

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The last picture is a bit deceiving because the game hasn’t started yet and pings do fluctuate as players continue to load in. But I wouldn’t doubt that their connections were bad considering they’re pretty high and every one of them is higher but no guarantees. Still, if true, that’s typical of a subpar Mexico DSL connection.

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I know, however, this was after their ping had already dropped from the intro ping of 800 they had.

I don’t doubt it but I’m just saying if you’re going to post a picture like this please ensure everyone’s loaded in already. There are far too many people that will discredit this as you wrongfully trying to place hate on certain people when all you’re doing is placing blame on their subpar connection.