Just Got Gears 1 and Judgment Updates. Huh?

So I was just checking my games library on my Xbox One and there were updates for Gears of War and Gears Judgment, somewhere around 500mb each. I thought they might’ve been updated with Xbox One X patches but they don’t show up under X Enhanced Games in the library, nor have they been added to the official list, and I don’t have an Xbox One X to boot the games and check. I’ve launched Gears 1 on my Xbox One S anyway to see if I could spot any difference but I don’t see anything.

Does anyone know what that’s all about? Anyone got an X to check if they’ve been enhanced or anything? Just curious, I can’t imagine an update that size didn’t do anything.

It was probably just BC related updates. I had updates for 40-60 360 games on my XB1 last week, they’re probably rolling them out in batches.

I hope we get one for Gears 2 soon… It freezes all the time on the Xbox one, unless you play without a profile logged in

I have been running fine while logged in. When I tried to play with a guest the other day though… lock up city. Also, when it didn’t lock up, we couldn’t play any social matchmaking. Sucked.

I was running it co-op for the campaign.

At first it was fine, then froze after the section training Carmine at the very beginning.

After that happened, we couldn’t even make it past the menu without freezing :frowning: