Just got back on Gears 4 and man... I miss it

I just liked the Multiplayer set up so much more with the playlists…and in General
so much more content as well!

I really liked the
*War journal

  • and even the packs
  • RE-ups were Rewarding and looked cool unlike now

Yeah… So much i love about the multiplayer when i jump back into GoW4:

  1. Movement

  2. Core gnasher (ok, little long two shot down but it is sooo much better than g5)

  3. Lancer . it shoots… Its chainsaw actually revvs up when i want it revved up!!

  4. Explosives are meaningful power weapons, not the nerfed pea shooters they are in g5! Drop has 3 shots…

  5. You dont get insta lancered down by aimbots when playing in private or coop, there is a chance to get up close for some gnasher fights…

What do i miss? I like not needing to kneel to aim a heavy weapon, and i like the bots not racing me for pickups… Thats ALL rhat i miss from g5…

Ohh, and (for some reason) i totally prefer the graphics in gow4…

Yeah, i am playing 4 more and more now… (But i dont mind g5 horde now).


What I miss from 4? The fun.

And all the little story links all tying up to a greater picture that somehow almost all went absent in 5 and were never covered… wait, that’s Halo, not Gears. But it still applies.


What I miss from 4?

-The movement speed
-Competitive tuning /core tuning
-ranked modes
-The cross hairs being like bigger circles or whatever shape per gun (every other gears) instead of those dots they have for every weapon in 5. The shooting is weird with the dot. Doesn’t really fit gears.
-The Boltok
-Having separate weapon skin loadouts for cog and swarm
-Selecting a character without having to search for a match
-Being able to vote while in a party
-The diamond characters
-ranking system
-active reload power ups with loadout weapons

  • the “clutch” ribbon / “smooth operator” ribbon

If they take the smoothness, graphics, walking with heavy weapons, hit markers, new power weapons, and executions of gears 5 into 4. It would be perfect.



Both games are awful In a lot of areas IMO. Core gnasher was the noobiest thing in gears. 2 shot downs from ranges that just shouldn’t exist.


Do enough people still play 4 that I can find a match?


Agree 100%. I went on it two days ago for the first time in months. In comparison to Gears 5, I experienced the following in three matches:

  • No lag. Absolutely none.
  • No constant “packet loss” symbol that’s so common you’d think it’s part of the HUD.
  • Quicker movement allowing better reactions.
  • A powerful and consistent Gnasher that is loaded with shells rather than moist polystyrene.
  • Working frags that kill people.
  • Better footstep audio, not as good as Gears 3 but still better than Gears 5.
  • Black Steel. Deserves a mention.
  • A better damage omen that doesn’t obstruct your view.
  • The chainsaw being where it belongs on B and therefore avoiding the “reloading” glitch upon being shot.
  • Lack of “realistic” weapon recoil which just plays better, especially with my beloved Hammerburst.
  • A working Longshot that rewards only headshots with headshots, rather than any shot 3m around the head but not directly at it.
  • A Boomshot that acts like it should.
  • Normal melee as Gears of War should have.
  • No terrible banners or constant spamming of voice expressions.
  • And finally, no Eliminations. Just kills. No rewarding multiple people for their 2 bullets into an enemy.

There’s probably more, but in short the game is so immeasurably superior which makes little sense over the damn sequel.


Hi mate.
I have been playing 4 almost nightly for the past few weeks, this is due to not being able to find full lobbies on 3 for a while (first time this has happened over an extended period :frowning: ) Anyway agree with almost everything you stated except:
My and mates ping (both UK, both wired) is always 150-170 which in Gears 4 at least can be a big hinderence.
I’m certainly getting some horrendous lag and some teleporting. Gnashers can still fire phantom shots, other than that you are right.
In all honesty I would probably rather play J than, 5 for any extended amount of times.
I play 1 maybe 2 games of Hill a day on 5 and very rarely have fun… Unless it is Myrrah killing 5 COG on the bounce… :joy:


And smoother movment.

Add 60 tic servers instead of 30 tic servers
Id make the switxh.

Hell. I might actually install gears 4 now just for the hell of it. I miss playing dawn, impact, fall out
I miss playing dodgeball and esclation.
Yea. I think i might install it right now.



I donno about people but i never have any problems finding enough willing, low ping bots, to fill up both sides :grin:

It’s crazy isn’t it? I don’t understand what they did with their codebase that it turned out this way with Gears 5 when things were running so well at the end of 4. Even with outsourcing, which will have happened then too.

I see. Well I know it’s definitely not impossible to have high pings on Gears 4, I have videos to prove it! I’d imagine I’d have probably have had a bit of lag on my 4th match :joy:, which would’ve had the odd teleporting and phantom shots, but it certainly bests Gears 5 which gives me connection issues every match despite my internet connection being perfect. :thinking:

Gears 3 will always have loyal players so it will definitely pick up :joy:


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Gears 4 definitely has that creepy vibe in multiplayer… blood is more crimson … everything feels darker on there…

I haven’t played in a while but I watch people play


Is the matchmaking still alive? Lootboxes made me abandon that game p early during its life, want to give it a try now

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Koth and tdm are very much alive. You are all thrown in to the pot though. I’m Gold 2 and play against Bronze 1 and Diamond!


I miss 5 v 5 tdm and bein able to play with friends.


I don’t miss it because I only play it mostly. Now if everyone didn’t quit before the horde game even starts and go to another game it would be perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

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