Just got a new 280 overclockable G-Sync Monitor and played Gears 4... And let me say, boy the difference was INSANE

Like the title suggests… Man it was awesome. Ever since I moved to PC I have been absolutely loving it. I just got a PC upgrade as well… Huge compared to my other PC that I just got like 1 and a half years ago.

Gears 4 I loved to bits and still do… If only PC players could have easier matchmaking instead of putting that restriction on us because of cheaters, I would def be playing this game more than 5 >_>



240/280Hz is next level.

I get my 360Hz monitor on Monday!

Looking forward to something new!


Until they even out the playing field between PC and consol it will always be like that. there should be no advanatge between the plateform you play on PC or consol. Maybe okat on PvE but not PVP.

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You can never have an “even playing field”.

It’s online gaming.

Even if it’s console only v console only,

There’s several different factors:

-The console themselves (One/S/X/SS/SX)
-The display used
-Speaker system used
-The Controller Used
-M&K used
-Location & Server Proximity
-Internet Connection

Then there’s settings such as Control Scheme, turning off Gore too.

This is all real world differences that mean online gaming can only be competitive to a certain degree, that it should be fun above all else.

It’s just a game. If it’s more than that to you, participate in eSports.

But I want to play, first and foremost, and with the advent of Series X, which is more like a PC than most PCs,

A split community isn’t best for a series with a traditionally low population anyway.


Very very true

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