Just get back on gears of war 4

its night and day how i can really appreciate G4 far superior to Greed 5 …i mean gears 5
come on… lets fill up the servers !



I was trying to play 5 earlier to grind horde but ■■■■ ping because of their bad servers and it keeps crashing so im on gears 4 now :slight_smile:

Well done :+1:t3:

Only problem with that is they basically turned 4 off. No seasons no ranked no servers no support. Its a shell of what it was before 5.

Still plenty social lobbys dude

i didnt say there wasnt. Just saying its not supported like it was before 5.

Been playing Horde for weeks now until they fix 5 . Good times in comparison to 6. Love 6 to get the bugs and community needs fixed and I would love to play something new again. Don’t see that happening until Operation 18.