Just finished campaign, and I have to hand it to TC

I know everyone will have different opinions, but personally I thought the campaign was beautiful and compelling. Jack’s abilities added a lot to the game.
The ending was pretty Epic as well.
On Xbox One X 4K it was probably the best looking game on Xbox.
Kudos to TC.
Just loved it.


nice one. :+1:

I enjoyed the campaign too when it wasn’t crashing on me all the time.

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Question, is there anything after the credits because it keeps going to a black screen?

If only it wasn’t full of glitches and brokeness…


Will del or jd die event affect gears6?

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i did enjoy campaign and found it much harder and took longer on insane than the previous gears

Nope, just another bug in the game.

I also enjoyed the campaign, didn’t like the ending but thumbs up for how beautiful it looks in 4k.

Too bad most of the budget went to campaign and left the multiplayer modes unfinished.

First and last acts were really good, middle two acts were ruined by the boring free roam.


I will say the campaign was fun. Minus the skiff parts. I would have like to just fast travel to the different locations.

It was the only thing they did well, to be honest. Jack’s abilities are a good addition to the Campaign but it’s not worth the sacrifice of both the Curb stomp and Y no longer being the execution key.

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Yeah the campaign was good. It’s the crappy pings in some ranked game modes and the lack of original gears characters and new maps I have issue with. I’d like auto aim off ranked as well. If they fix these issues which I’m sure they will gradually then I will be happy enough.

How is anyone here going to know? I assume they will do something similar to wolfenstein, where at the beginning of the gears 6 campaign, you will be asked who you killed off in the last game.

Acts 2 and 3 were missed opportunities and in my opinion the open world aspect was poorly done.

My issue with it is that it feels very empty and lifeless. Visually it looks gorgeous and all that but what is there to actually do? No enemies are encountered in the open world until you reach one of the predesignated “dungeons”. So in effect the open world areas just become part of the commute from Location A and Location B. You can’t actually do anything until you basically pass through a turnstile granting entry to the next gunfight.

What would have worked was randomised fights and adding a shoot feature to yhe skiff. Imagine plowing through groups of Swarm or fighting a Swarmak while on the skiff!

Story wise it was good and a vast improvement on GOW4. Act 1 and 4 were well done, although Act 4 felt very short. The campaign is decent enough, but there is room for improvement.


Didn’t think the ending was all that, felt like it ended mid-chapter, but I did really enjoy it as a whole and thought it was done well.

Personally Act 1 and 4 felt the most “Gears” (understandably) to me, but Act 4 is far too short. Act 2 was my favourite purely because of the brief New Hope section, but beyond that it and Act 3 felt weak because it’s just point A to point B with nothing happening in between, one after the other, not to mention AFAIK You can generally go in whatever order you want which while freedom is nice I guess, also means there was no real sense of urgency which feels a bit weird given how the story tries to imply such a thing.
Having not played 4 (but having watched someone play it), it’s a significant improvement but it still falls short. I admit I am biased though in that I just don’t like the new cast really at all with Del being the only one I like somewhat, but unfortunately not enough to make up for the rest. And then out of nowhere at the end you have to choose between JD or Del dying, well sorry, but I didn’t even think for a second about sparing JD. Comparably if you did the same with say Marcus or Dom, I might be a bit more hard pressed to make my decision.

I frankly think the game could’ve done with a chapter between Act 2 and 3 and an extension to the final act, though I’m not sure how that’d fit with the story as it was in-game. Don’t get me wrong, in the end I still did enjoy it, just… y’know, felt it could’ve been better.

Act I and IV were very good but the open world bs ruined the rest. At least when playing co-op. Most boss fights were annoying too.

Overall a decent campaign.

  • Aesthetically, the game looked good, particularly in 4k HDR. Except for the open world areas. Those locations looked bland and unimpressive.

  • Story was ok I guess, better than 4, in many respects. However, those open world acts stalled the story progression and the uninteresting side quests didn’t help. You can tell that those open world acts were made simply to pad the game and add to its longetivity. It may also be TC testing the waters with open world.

  • Writing was bad, particularly when it came to character development. A good example would be the personality change JD and Fahz had from the beginning of the game to where they meet back up with Kait at Vasgar. And Kait and Del are still terrible characters when compared to those from the original Delta squad.

  • The choice you had to make between JD and Del was bs in my opinion and effs up with the lore. Can’t wait to see how they work that out with the future books, comics, games.* rolls eyes

  • Some of the battles in the campaign were pretty cool. The one where you fight one of the newer enemies (forget its name) on stage was pretty cool.

Anyways, those are some of my thoughts on the campaign.


“Aesthetically, the game looked good, particularly in 4k HDR. Except for the open world areas. Those locations looked bland and unimpressive.”

I dunno about on 4k, PC, or anything of the sort but I noticed when playing on my Xbox One that particularly on the Act 3, there was a jarring difference between the sand textures on the ground and the actual sand as part of the map in some places.

“Some of the battles in the campaign were pretty cool. The one where you fight one of the newer enemies (forget its name) on stage was pretty cool.”

The Stump? I felt like the Flock introduction was also quite neat.

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Ah yes the Stump. Thanks. And yeah, the introduction of the Flock was pretty awesome too.

I’ve also noticed that with the sand. Honestly the difference in detail between the closed, more traditional areas and open world areas are night and day, particularly when it comes to the environment and lighting.