Just feels lackluster

I’m enjoying Gears 5, don’t get me wrong, but it just feels lackluster. Lack of character skins, lack of maps. The tour of duty system is keeping me busy trying to achieve them, but it’s not permanent, it’ll reset to different challenges every 3 months and I’m not sure if you’ll get to keep your medals in a sub menu or whatnot.

When you ReUp you’re the only one who can see it, to everyone else it’s just like looking at someone new playing with no indication of the work you’ve put in.

Hell, I just want to see the ribbons I’ve earned. It just feels like there’s content, but a lack there of at the same time. Hopefully we get something in the later months in sub menus and whatnot.

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There is an incoming patch for this, but I feel you with a lot of the other issues in the game. It is rather empty and bleak at the moment.


I agree

You can see re-ups but only in versus matches, at the start it shows at the bottom of their character, it’s just extremely small for some reason

Every 3 months new content should be available such as maps, character skins and new game modes as stated by TC.

Three months is a very long time to be waiting for two additional maps when the game launched with just seven.

I lost any desire to keep going in MP. I just don’t like it.

I am a hard core Horde player and I hate this new version of it. It just bores the crap out of me. Power taps was a horrible idea.

And single player? My completion achievement is STILL NOT FIXED. At 76%; I finished the campaign out right and I can access every chapter, but my achievement is still not unlocked for finishing the campaign. Not enough motivation and the collectibles grind (something I usually like doing) sucks this time because the totals are not visible PER CHAPTER, only PER ACT. So while I may only be missing only a few things from each chapter, I do not know which CHAPTER to try and focus on because unlike prior games, THEY TOOK THAT OUT!!!

This game needs more single player DLC and content, not this e-sports trash. I could care less about playing as some WWE roided a-hole (seriously, we get it, the TC and Microsoft want Gears to be this “franchise” in Hollywood but unlike Ice-T, when the heck did Buttticket ever show Gears love as a player?) , and the most fun I have gotten from this game since launch has been redeeming Chips Ahoy codes and reading the novel…

I just feel like the game is something that is not “Gears” anymore. Maybe it is limpwristed Del dialogue (Obviously, Del wants that Diaz booty - I was waiting for the level where the music was nothing but slow jams to match Del’s needy dialogue), or that STUPID choice you had to make (you should have gone for the head like Thanos said, but no take your Twilight -esque ending and you’ll like it), or the fact this game had a bad glitchy launch, but the intense connection I had with this series (even with 4 and it’s terrible grind between Re-Up 10 and Wings 1) is just GONE.

I check in and watch my 40+ days of boost dwindle away and I have no motivation at all to go after things like I did in prior games. Even Escape has lost its luster because how the heck do you get out on Master difficulty without firing a shot? You cannot run past anything on Master difficulty without getting cut down by the ~700 boss Scions they add to the map at that point. Just unbalanced garbage with zero nuance.

And I won’t even get into Gears Pop at this time because I am among the group of folks who have not been able to play for WEEKS now and have heard NOTHING from support about that even after submitting a ticket and following up with them. Absolute Radio Silence.

Ok, enough of my rant, TL;DR - this game has lost its connection to me because it seems to more about branding now than actual game play and content. Good job TC, you Halo 5’ed this series.

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