Just equipped 2 lancers today

is this a common bug or a feature i wasn’t aware of? it made veteran quite spicy to use

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Its not a bug and is common. Cyclops and Palace Guards have a different version of the Lancer than players do so it counts as a different weapon so you can just have 2 Lancers that look slightly different but do the same thing.


Instantly pictured this image:

I am disappointed.


I was thinking of this image.


One’s a Mk 3 and one’s a Mk 2, I think.

There’s a few oddities with these:

  • If you only have your loadout lancer equipped you can pick up a lancer off the ground and equip it.
  • If you have your loadout lancer and anoher weapon equipped you’ll pick up the lancer off the ground as ammo.
  • If you have your loadout lancer equipped and someone has placed a lancer picked up off the ground in a locker and you go to take it, you’ll stack it.

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Haven’t had that happen since the beta.

@WarmJewel54743 how would you only have 1 weapon equipped. As far as I know I cant drop a weapon…so how would you only have just your loadout lancer equipped.im so confused.

You can. Hold the button to select the weapon (for keyboard would hold down “1” for example, for controllers hold down the button you use to select it from the D pad)

You can also put a weapon in a weapons locker and that takes away 1 of your primary weapons.


@GhostofDelta2 the locker i forgot about. Makes toral sense. I had ni idea you could drop a weapon. Thanks.

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No worries, happy to help :slight_smile:

Its super useful in escape so 1 player can load up 2 weapons with ammo, and drop one of them for another player early on in a hive if there isnt any weapons to trade :slight_smile:


As @GhostofDelta2 helpfully said, you can either put one weapon in the locker or you can drop one using the D pad on controller. This also works with grenades.

It’s worth mentioning (for future reference) that you can’t drop a weapon using the D pad if you have the option set to switch weapons using only one D pad direction. I can’t remember the actual option name.


@WarmJewel54743 @GhostofDelta2 going to Reddit right now to the “today I Learned” section.

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This is how i do it when there is a vet or a player that could use my weapon, i drop it next to them and tag it since some people dont know how to trade

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