Just add war machine hear me out!

Now I know we are all done with remakes and ports and just want some new stuff but hear me out. They just postpone operation 3 by like 3 weeks and maps are getting stale and it’s the games biggest problem. Well they already have war machine updated and in the game already in 2v2 so why not just add it into the game just to add some more value. It’s like just a free map just sitting there that they can add into the game. I asked on stream and Dana said he will pass it along. I wouldn’t want it if they had to work on it to bring it back but since it’s already just in the game why not just give it to us. What do you guys think???

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Makes sense IF it’s already fully built… Why not

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Id rather die. Such a trash map.


Its fitting for Gears 5. A noob map where everyone fights over the turret.

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Just saying since it’s already in the game and we are limited on maps why not just add it in

I know we definitely need more options. Id like some new maps though. But ill take Checkout and Jacinto lol.

Im actually starting to miss Gridlock and Raven Down.

I kinda want speyer back lol

Nah. Just add DAWN OR GLORY

It wasn’t too bad in Gears 1, but with all the new weaponry and horrible imbalance…no thank you.

I just want back war machine, fuel depot and blood drive.

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I’ll take diner

Fuel depot is nothing without a mortar to catch the dummies out who think they’re safe hiding at the top of the stairs in the corner on the roof. Good times :grin:

If it’s already built, then yeah they should add it asap. I’m putting up with g4 maps for some level of diversity as it is. And I bloody hate those useless maps!

Boo to anyone suggesting blood drive or glory. You may as well ask for the travesty that is courtyard if you insist on wanting bad maps.

“It’s already built”. So is an outhouse but that doesn’t mean you want to use it if you can avoid it.

What an awful map. It’s one of those where if you take a key position, you win that round unless you’re completely incompetent. I hate campy maps like that.

I enjoyed Relic

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I want mansion, process, and garden.

Loved those maps

Ya mansion needs to be remade for sure. Wouldn’t mind azura, academy, ruins

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I don’t understand the aversion to old maps showing up.

I get that people want new stuff but it’s pretty apparent that TC’s idea of new maps is boring Escalation focused esport maps.

I’d play Mansion, Gridlock, Sanctuary any day of the week before I pick Foundation or AF arena

Ya I feel you