Just add in war machine it’s already updated!

You clearly updated war machine from gears 4 to gears 5 as it’s a 2v2 map for boxes so why not just add the whole map into the game. I know it’s another remake but versus needs the map content.

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No. No. No. for the love of god no more remakes. THERES SO MANY ALREADY. New maps. Demand them. No more maps that we have seen countless times in other games. And for the love of the holy god above if there is one PLZ no more g4 maps.

I’ll accept g2 maps we HAVENT seen since g2 tho. River is welcome.

I get it but it’s Already remade in the game so why not just actually add it into the game. Trust me I want new maps also but they aren’t coming until operation 3 in March so we need as much maps as they have available.


There’s only so many maps they’re willing to add to one game. If people keep suggesting all old maps there will be no room for BRAND new or g2 maps we haven’t seen since g2.

I’d rather wait it out than have this game be finished and it have an entire roster of maps we’ve played on thousands of times.

But March is so long away then we still prob only get 2 maps. I don’t like this 3 month process

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