Just add a Forfeit option

Simple as that, if your team is getting obliterated why can´t we have a choice to just give up. This is a serious matter with the new ranking system, when being on disadvtange people wont play the objective and just get the max amount of kills in order to get the most Gear Points possible.

Just add a Forfeit Button with a voting system same as Rocket League has, that way if one team mate quits and we see there is no way to win, hell if the match is not fun, let us forfeit, finish the match without getting punished.

On Rocket league the forfeit option is enabled passed half match (one match lasts 5 minutes, past 2:50 the button shows). All team members can start a forfeit voting only once; when one team member uses it, a forfet leyend shows in all team members screen with a 15 seconds countdown, if all team members uses the forfeit button the match ends. If one team member doens´t use it the match continues. So a team of four members has four chances of starting a forfeit voting.

Easy solution.


Gears without Ranked! It is a more easier solution! :neutral_face:


The team that was winning, do they still get full points when the other team forfeits?

As of right now there is a solution. Just dashboard, quit the the game( not via the in game pause menu). You will not get suspended, just lose your buy in. I’m taking advantage of it while it lasts. They can’t make a good rank system so screw it. I get tired of carrying teams just to get an L

Yes they do.

I agree with this. This would be a good addition to the ranked system. As well as adding quit penalties


“Groundwalking garbage! Do you concede so easily?! PROVE TO ME YOU ARE LOCUST!”
- Queen Myrrah

Need I say more?


It’s definitely better than punishing players whose team quit out from under them - either by forcing them to stay or assigning quit penalties when they go.


You know a game is supposed to be fun man, not being stuck in an endless game being farmed by the opposing team because one guy decided to leave the game. The desertor is the one to be punished, us remaining in the game shouldn´t.

Unfortunately it’s the nature of the beast. Every ranked match I’ve played, people on the losing team would quit.

Don’t blame me, it was the Queen that said it!

…but I would tread carefully if you considering questioning her.

Sorry to bring this back again but here in South America servers, with the new operation, my squad has been put vs teams of diamonds and masters, when we are onyx.

What happens? They just dont get the ring in KOTH (farming points and kills) and the game last 40 ■■■■■■ MINUTES where we don’t stand a chance and can’t forfeit.

Can something be done about it at least??