Just about every possible alteration to gears 5's possible upcoming movement

The Following is taken from kenny bounce’s thread; where my reply lays un-paraphased.

  1. You move faster walking while holding your Left trigger aim bar… aim while moving is naturally gonna have less pellets Land… shotgun needs to be more fixed in the 1st place… players mantle kicking sponge for a frame, and mace players takes like 2 or more close up shots to die, for starters.
  2. Yes to faster shot after roadie run and rolls, w/a addition of side and back being able to move out of a roll into something else faster, or what you said, or what I think you meant the roll animation itself being faster … 2 or multiple fast consecutive rolls to the side or back as an available option too? Maybe?.
  3. Put the roll as a separate button or way done from all the other movement mechanics: the following paragraph is taken from my thread “Nerf not the bounce but the roll”: lets us make the roll mapped to it’s very own 2 or more button algorithm:
    3a. left thumb stick clicked while moved into a direction not at resting position. (this means spotting enemies requires a stop 1st or done differently… maybe same controls but needs an scan hold on left bumper to initiate?)
    3b. left thumb stick clicked while moved into a direction other than resting position plus A button.
    3c. left thumb stick clicked plus or with a quick pressed direction on D-pad.
    3d. Both in consideration with different ways for different control scheme.

now time to addressed the biggest change, which is: you only roll w/this button, not if people are in your way, in a wall-bounce sequence or when you mess with your timing in wall-bounce sequences… instead now you wall-bounce reached speed just gets interrupted and/or a different animation but always with no interrupted ability to shoot, in these situations instead.
4. Keep the same speeds, but at changed direction with a different animation action: roadie run, slide, strafe(Maybe not strafe, that would just be walking in this example instance) is increased at the initial start of the different directional movement action.
5. The initial start of any changed directional is faster than what it is now then goes back to the same speed it is now after the very beginning of that cancel start.
Fast cancels have you cancel a lot faster then recent gears but sacrifices distance or every changed direction starts out faster then any known gears then just gets down to the speeds now; is number 5’s interpretation.
6. Roadie strafe or/& strafe is same speed now maybe faster w/same speeds on everything eles; or roadie strafe or/& strafe has a more instant distance achieved than what it is now.
7. The initial instant start of a roadie strafe is faster/with or without increased distance, while the initial start of the slide is slower than the latter end… or vice versa (how can you do it vice versa though?)
8. All of the previous numbers or a combination.
9. make a separate way w/buttons to wall bounce slide faster then the other way when not in use.
10 a fast opposite direction slide causes a normal speed, or increased slide towards the previous direction before cancelation and before the cancelation movement can start (a slip w/no animation difference, but at most see through dust/etc.); The speed difference of the slip to slide depends on whether the speed was increased or decreased already by staying in a one directional slide transition long enough or not enough… or no normal speed slip but fast speed slip, or vice versa as a result, of one of the 2 previous factors, or no slip at all just no immediate response to your cancelation change with these 2 factors in mind. (don’t like this at all) or you just add the previous ideas in this number excluding the one, I don’t like at all with 2 different movement animations (roadie strafe/strafe/slide) causing a cancel slide(s) faster than normal speeds. That way you can always do 2 consecutive different slides of reach or 2 consecutive same slides of reach; either “far”, or “short”, but just because this is now implemented meaning you got to always do a quick change in character animation to then get the 2 different types (far or short) of consecutive slides. Or I could of just said the distance in short slide reaches is increased or in long reached slides (definitely a no for this one though) which in one way acceptable makes the side movement in stated slide faster so you can move forward faster as a result added to the other alteration of different animations causes faster slides… these would be an example of the number mentioning different combinations of other numbers.
11. Actally do what you said already increase the strafe but decrease the slide… I don’t like this as the best option though… so I stated the previous numbers, LOL.

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