Just a Tiny Request, TC

While I enjoy “Family”, could we have the option to switch to “Kait’s Theme” for the menu music?

It’s got that somber yet combative theme that I love from a lot of iconic Gears themes. That cello to piano opening and overall crescendo throughout the piece is just gorgeous.

Gives me similar vibes as Gears 2’s death march feel.

Basically I want Gears 5: Prepare to Cry Edition while searching for sweaty versus matches lol

Agreed. “Kait’s Theme” as a soundtrack would be better for the main menu. Heck, I’d even take the sort of calm, almost ominous seeming music that plays before you press A(or whatever button/key others might use) to start playing over what we currently got in the main menu.

Might be mistaken but doesn’t that beginning segment of the Gears 2 soundtrack play when you enter New Hope in 5s Campaign? Sends bloody shivers down my spine and gives me a bad feeling every time I hear it. Also reminds me of how the audio quality of the Gears soundtracks somehow seems so much better than some of the other pieces of music featured in other games around their time(looking at the original Halo 2, for example… not bad music per se but leaves some things to be desired when it comes to the audio quality of it).

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Mute your headset and turn on your favorite Pandora station.

Problem solved, you may make this the solution to your thread.

You’re welcome

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But I also don’t wanna deal with ads mid-game

Edit: Besides the Terminator characters and Batista.


A Spotify plebeian I see

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Nah, Tidal.

I’m not a business man, I’m a BUSINESS, man.




Are y’all high? I would prefer The Coalition at this moment allocating all time by employees to be spent optimizing the multiplayer. Not on giving me options for what musical movement I listen to while queing. No offense homie, but buy an old Sony walkman with headphones and a cassette player and get yourself a used copy of Survivors. Album “The eye of the tiger”…just listen to that instead…toodles

I booted the campaign back up to check again and it absolutely is, vocals and all.
Specifically on Act 2: “Forest for the Trees”


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You do realize that when people make these kinds of requests that they are aware it is a very low priority thing that would happen later down the line when most of the major issues with the game are sorted out?

@AmicableWall421 I absolutely…1,000,000% do. You also do realize im just kinda ■■■■■■■ with ya…Feel free to ask for whatever you want…It’s hard to gauge someone’s tone by a digital message…but fyi…I was laughing and smiling a little when I replied. Not angrily clenching my teeth and furrowing my brow.
@AkimboLeadPipes gave it right back to me. I appreciated that. All in fun homie.

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Yeah, I couldn’t tell. Like you said, hard to judge tone on a written post. But no offense was taken. I was just making sure.

@AkimboLeadPipes @AmicableWall421 you do kinda have to acknowledge that on this manliest of manly games, it is an “interesting” request.

Some people would argue this isn’t a “man’s game” though, whatever that may be.

RIP Thread


The statement I made doesn’t reflect my own views. Not sure what I would call Gears but I’m not just going to throw the terms “man’s game” or “child’s game” around carelessly like some other forum members do.

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To clarify…im simply saying that for vernacular. Like a “bro” game. Don’t go getting your panties in a wad again guys/girls/trans/thems/etc etc etc. Once again just cutting up. Not making any “statements”.

I figured, ya cheeky cahnt. :heart:

I just love the series and everything that makes it, including aesthetics and especially atmosphere.
Versus and Horde wouldn’t be as appealing to me if the Campaigns didn’t bring me to the world and lore and give me context to the characters and the action.

As sweaty as the core base is, I think most people can agree that Gears as a series has a lot to appreciate beyond its multiplayer. Hence why I’d love a soundtrack selection in the menus.

I legit like to wait a minute before searching for a match in Gears UE just so I can hear those horns in “14 Years After E-Day”.

@AkimboLeadPipes I feel you. For the record I think we both agree that the music in gears has always been an integral part of setting the tone and mood. And it is exceptional. And agreed again that the campaign I s what brings lots of people back to Gears.
Just for the record, you don’t know me from Adams house cat…so ill tell you I was totally just goofing with you guys. Im a guy, and I have my masculinity questioned on here if I even mention that I like and play Fortnite as well. That is why I referred to it as a “manly game”. Their is way too much “Bro’ing” going on up in here sometimes… Don’t ever take me too seriously…because I don’t either.

I got to admit, the Gears UE menu soundtrack do is pretty nice to listen to. Only played it for its Campaign however, as I never got (around) to play the original Gears 1 and figured I might as well play the remaster then.

While we’re at all these Gears soundtracks, am I the only one who finds that TC missed an opportunity by not making the main Settlement 2 combat soundtrack part of their official soundtrack? I think it’s fairly decent.