Just a thought keeping 5 skins of a players choice


(open flask) #1

Coalition if you would be so kind can you allow players transfer like 5 skins from gears 4 to gears 5 not everything just 5 skins…that is all i ask.

(GB6 Kazuya) #2

Come on now. Have a heart, TC! It’s all he asks!


I doubt they would do such a thing. Especially since they would lose money if it were BS skins. I wouldn’t mind just bringing 1 skin over but I am leaning towards the negative on that still.

(open flask) #4

I figure they wont but atleast it would make some pf the community happy

(Me0wMix CatFood) #5

Couldn’t work. They’d have to port them over to work with the new architecture and dimensions. It’s a lot of work for something low on the priority list. It’s not as simple as unlocking them.

Personally, I don’t get why gears fans want everything of. I don’t want to pay to use the old stuff again. I want new stuff.

(open flask) #6

The new characters arw rather bland

(Potato Boy 025) #7

Is GoW the only series that has a large number of skins in 1 game but then plans to release another game with the similar skin format? I’m asking because I’m curious if the community to those other games react the same way. The demand of players wanting to keep their skins is pretty large but understandable.

From a sales perspective it won’t happen regardless but dang, can’t think of another franchise with so many skins attempting to transfer their players to a different game.

(open flask) #8

There are a lot of iconic characters in gears and have impacted the franchise why would you not want a character you have played with since gears 1 through 4 and not be able to in gears 5

(Potato Boy 025) #9

I think you may have misunderstood me, Excuse my poor wording I guess. What I mean is Gears of War 4 has a large option of skins/characters all if not mostly available through loot boxes. What I’m getting at is I don’t know many games that have a loot box system that also wants to create a sequel.

That’s why I ask is it common for games with alot of skins to make a follow up game? I’m completely aware Gears has alot of memorable collectibles that will FOR SURE be in GoW5 because “OMG MY NOSTALGIA” but the price they charged for GoW4 skins and then deciding to make a sequel with the game only 3yrs old?

(mendigo2005) #10

I vote for ZERO skins.


I’m with you man. I say just give out the characters that are in the game and that’s it. Didn’t GOW 1 have a few characters only as well?

(mendigo2005) #12

Call me a bad person, I just wanna see children cry!


(xFribbo) #13

If you get to keep some of the skins you already have by transferring them over, it would take the enjoyment out of earning them via whatever method in Gears 5.

Plus why would they make the option to transfer characters now? Never has been done in the past.

Also, TC might not even have the intention to release some skins that have already been out in Gears 4.


Paying for them you mean