Just a suggestion

So since playing KOTH on the new points system it sucks.

main objective capture and hold hill for as long as possible,

Should be reward 200 capture and 50 for break would make it more beneficial for all. Gamers should rewarded more for playing objectives.

Before anyone jumps on the band wagon imagine playing 50 waves of horde only get rewarded 500xp for the full 50 waves, would never happen, so why punish KOTH players that play objectives.

My point is ya made KOTH worse now the it has ever been hardley anyone goes for hill just kills, but why would they when they get 220xp for headshot or 175xp for body kill

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I think the change is an attempt to address some of the disconnect between the match leaderboard and the skill points awarded. They admitted in the recent pod cast the current UI is poor when it comes to understanding what actions gain and lose skill points.

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This literally changes nothing. The point is to cap that’s how u win