Just a suggestion for matchmaking

Matchmaking is searched by rank. The higher my rank the less I enjoy the game because of the rush of lancers across the screen. The gnasher only special events suck because the hit register sucks in competitive. I feel matchmaking should be searched via %of weapon used, consideringweapon stats are tracked for nothing it seems. I feel the game would be more fun if I could play with and against people who play like me.

Remember that it’s gears of war not gnasher of war(unfortunately some people thinks other way)

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If you don’t want tough matches, play social.


I get what you’re saying, but ask anyway about the game and the gnasher is the first thing they’ll bring up. I know that the one weapon isn’t the one focus of the game but it is the one weapon that keeps a lot of people interested.

This honestly made me laugh. No offense because I totally get some people enjoy gnashee which they can do in social but ranked is for people who want to win which means competing play styles.

I know you may play a particular playlist so social isn’t your thing. They also added 2vs2 boxes shotgun so maybe give that a try. But in the developers defense there is only so much they can do.

Actually the assault rifle with a chainsaw attached to it has been the staple of this game for over a decade

I think matchmaking should be based solely on network connection.

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This should be the most important thing right here.

the lancer is being used cause its a good weapon to use at the right time along with Gnasher. Try it yourself. If you only enjoy the Gnasher, it sounds like you dont enjoy gears that much. I personally love both cause I love gears as a whole. There is preference of course but we have been spawning with these weapons for 10 years.
Maybe its time to get over it or play social as people have mentioned. That’s where most of the terrible gnasher locked players are.