Just a small chat

Just a small conversation.

In gears 2 there was the introduction of the boom shield. They made you use the shield to protect from razor hail.

It’s the razor hail im interested in. It was a cool weather effect. But was never really explained.

Wouldn’t mind a versus map that had it


You mean like Hail from gears 2? Was one of my favorite maps to be honest. It kind of bothered me that razor hail never made a return it was so interesting to have it as dynamic weather affects. We need more maps like Hail,Reclaimed (windflare), trenches and raven down (blizzard)


Yeah sorry forgot that one. I didn’t do slot of versus years ago.

But I loved that weather phenomenon.

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I don’t remember if anyone liked it on Versus as it was pretty big but I do know almost everyone loved it in horde. Seeing the Maulers react to the weather by shielding their heads was great.

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It was cool in the campaign.

I’ve read the books except the latest one or the graphic novels.

There just no mention of it in the gears lore.

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