Just a question for my Fellow Cog soldiers (Or locust/swarm drones if you like that)

So random thought
I am currently pre ordering with walmart (The physical copy)
So in the meantime I am completing the Road to Gears 5 challenges.I need to get an achievement in the first gears game and then I got the gilded set.Well I looked and then remember ¨Oh right I need Gold¨ (My friend set his account with gold as the main on my xbox in return I gave some games that he just can´t get) Well I looked at gold and went ¨Well a month should be good enough I mean eh its Ten Dollars¨ then I proceeded to look at the first Gears saw the price then went okay so 25 in total…then I Remembered game pass ultimate (This is where I begin to ask you guys an opinion) and went Oh wait I can add that for a dollar still right and technically be pre ordering the game (Gears 5) and get a vector lancer whilst I pre order with walmart AND get the first gears for the challenge.
So if I pre order ultimate edition with walmart still get the stuff etc that will come with codes but yet the game pass will as well like the dark fate and Kat and Emile so I am now struck on first what all will happen if I did this just to get the first game cheaper (Dont really care for the vector I mean I would be cool with it but carmine lancers all I need) but does that mean I will already get Emile and Kat and dark fate then have spare codes from the walmart pre order plus the two different lancers?
Very confused ish and would love some opinions or thoughts etc

(Sorry if formatting was bad or if I confused you during my confusion)
Thank you for reading

From what I’ve seen you get the Carmine Tatt skin from pre-order at Walmart. The only reason Im going there instead of GameStop is that skin. You can get the other characters with game pass as well not sure if you keep them after you unsubscribe though. I wasn’t interested in doing that so I don’t know much about it. As for the rest of what your saying/asking, your bouncing around a bit so Im not sure where your going.

To be honest yeah I was bouncing around a tad with all of that probably because I am trying to do class and this at the same time,Second heck yeah Carmine Tatt for the win,but interesting I mean even if they do go away (IF) I would still have the codes stuff from the walmart Ultimate pre order I guess welp I officially confused myself but thanks for the reply.