Just a few more fun clips on my first 100 matches of ranked

Been pretty fun. Still consider it hard to take this game seriously with the lack of positional audio, I really hope this is something they address in the fifth game. I’ve never seen a game in which enemies don’t have footsteps before.

Just a few clips from tonight’s play. When I went from Onyx to diamond it took me essentially straight into diamond 2 (I was onyx 3 right to diamond 1 90%), so I’m hoping I get that luxury one more time to make hitting diamond 5 prior to the new season a possbiility.

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Just so you any clips/video showcase should be posted in the main video showcase thread. Just get a @forum-mods to merge it to that thread.

Though i agree the game doesnt really have great audio particularly when it comes to enemy footsteps .

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My apologies!

The positional audio is the primary reason why I don’t like Koth. Don’t find it satisfying to get one shot killed from behind because there’s no audio queue.


Positional Audio is one of my biggest gripes with this game.

I have amazing Bowers & Wilkins Floorstand Speakers that can pinpoint the tiniest of sounds and also recreate positional audio within the room precisely, accurately and with such atmosphere that the game is such a step backwards because footstep audio is terrible and I die so many times because someone’s ran up behind me and I get zero audio for it.

I believe the footsteps were “too loud” at one point - basically confusing - so instead of fixing it - TC just turned it all the way down.

But congrats on the Diamond and now you can help carry me there :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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My friends should be on today if you happen to be up late, we’d have a full five man. I’m sure we’ll win every match.

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The game definitely has positional footstep audio. And why would you drop your lancer for snipe if you never use your gnasher?

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Best joke I’ve read all week :rofl:

I should be on till late tonight :+1:

But it does… I had so many players try and sneak up on me last night and I heard everything through my Astro A50s. That includes the direction from which they were coming from. I always see this problem from people but I have never had an issue myself. I’ve talked to other friends about this and all of them agree there is definitely positional audio in this game. However, all of us also use headsets which may be the difference here. I can see how speakers of any quality may not be as easy to tell as they’re further out.

I have had zero issues in any other Gears game and also any other game for that matter.

Gears 4 has had overly loud footsteps and then went to zero footsteps.

Happens so many times - where you just don’t get any kind of audio feedback on footsteps or people rushing behind you.

I can boot up Gears: UE and there’s no issue.

Plus my speakers are more advanced than any headset.

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I understand as I’ve been told you have a nice setup but that likely doesn’t change the fact a headset may be a better option for Gears 4. Like I said not only myself but my buddy I played with tonight agrees audio could be heard from enemies coming towards us from any direction. If I’m able to hear it that means it’s there even if it’s not all that loud anymore. I’m not psychic you know. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

*Im not saying it can’t be improved upon but what I am saying it most definitely exists. If I hear it on my Astros than you should theoretically hear it on your advanced speaker system.

If I can’t hear it via speakers and you can hear it via Headset then clearly, as I have stated, there is an issue with the game.

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There’s an issue, sure, but the audio cues do exist if I can hear them. They could be louder for sure but I can honestly say I never think to myself “why didn’t I hear him”. So yes, there is directional sound using a headset so there should be with your speakers too. I also guarantee your speakers are professionally tuned so I couldn’t tell you why you’re having so many issues.

That’s the thing, it’s not only me that says this.

Every time I play online - whether they have speakers or headsets, complaints of the same thing - footstep audio.

And I’ll repeat - no issues with any other game and no issues with any other Gears game.

So Gears 4 is unique in this aspect for me and a lot of other people.

I’ve never doubted they don’t exist - they were turned down to the point where I can’t hear them anymore.

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