June update introduced new disconnect bug to pc

Whenever you are in the main menu in someone’s party or even in a lobby, public or private and you alt-tab out, you’ll instantly lose connection to xbox live, kicking you out of the party and the lobby.

I assume this is a bug, but could’ve been done to stop pc-afkers however it ends up hurting the whole pc playerbase as we can’t alt-tab anymore to check our xbox app messages once we’re in the game.

It’s been pointed out that this has been going on since the windows update in May.


Yes, this happens to me. Not sure what it was. Thought it was my PC.


This happened before June for me. However what did just start in june is my game freezes now so multiplayer is pretty much unplayable

This wasnt the June update. It was happening as of May.

Its also a Microsoft issue as it was caused by their latest major windows update.

@V7K1NG Has filed a report with Microsoft.


I’m also having this issue. I posted the exact steps to reproduce in a similar thread

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I see, glad to hear he did, hope it gets fixed soon.

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It has happened to me too, but as they say above, this has happened since the 1803 update of Windows 10.
One more reason to implement an in-game messaging system, as in the past was with GFWL.
So we don’t have to go to the desktop every time we want to read or write a simple message.


Experiencing the same issue

Everytime i use the xbox app on my pc ,gears of war looses connection to the network kicking me out of everything…

Yep. You have to put the game in windowed mode (alt+enter) before you alt+tab or use the xbox app or the bug will happen.

It’s annoying to keep toggling between full screen and windowed mode all the time but it’s the only work around right now


Didn’t know this, thanks for the tip.

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Bump. Problem still exists july.1.2018


Strangely I don’t experience this issue …

It requires certain conditions (any of the below):

  • You have to be in a squad with at least one other person

  • You are in a lobby

  • You are in a game

  • You are in full screen mode

AFAIK this issue only came about in the latest April creators update for Windows 10. So if you’re not on that version, or haven’t alt+tabbed in those above situations, you won’t have had it happen.

PS: it sometimes takes multiple alt+tabs (like going to the Xbox app and back) to get it to happen.

I made a post detailing the exact steps to reproduce this issue on a similar thread. I don’t have the link to hand though :frowning:

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Yeah, my friends experince it all the time.

Luckily: even though I’m on the latest updates, I can tab out to the App when in full screen in a lobby with others and it won’t disconnect me.

But it will do every time to my friends :-1:

That Win10 Creators update was a bad one for me - it gave me a BSOD on restart and I was so worried thinking it’s bricked my PC :sob: - thankful that after a restart it was ok :sweat:

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I’d love to figure out how you avoid these issues.

We’ll have to get on discord one day and figure out what the differences are in our setups.

I’d also love to get you to test some stuff to see if we can make it happen to you too.

If you don’t use discord, I have Skype. You could pm me your id :slight_smile:

This bug still happening. Try to play on PC with team on xbox one s. Every time I went to xbox app to try and send invite I kept getting kicked from xbox live.

Over 35 minutes of trying to join squad and chat group, the pc game kept failing. finally had to jump on my xbox one s.

Seriously annoying.

If your getting kicked from xbox live ,that maybe a xbl issue ,interesting that it’s kicking from xbox live ,can you explain a little further ,are you getting kicked from gears to the dashboard on your PC or are you getting booted straight off xbox live itself to where its,saying you have no connection to xbl

I think this is not a gears 4 issue but an issue with a win 10 update and UWP apps.

Same happened to me on Sea of thieves.

The issue is when you alt tab and lose focus on the UWP app, it defaults to stop listening to the network and save data. That’s my theory. You can monitor your network packets when alt tabbed out to test this.

I’m not sure if it got fixed by Microsoft as I’m too scared to alt tab in any UWP game since june

right now they have no idea what is causing the ALT -TAB issue from the people i have spoken to ,they are looking into it though before it starts becoming a widespread issue

Octus responded on reddit about this being a known issue now and a fix is being worked on.

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